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Kelly De Haven, Ann Leahy, Deb Holt, Gillian Fink and Eric Yin

The UW Foundation engineering development team (from left): Kelly De Haven, Ann Leahy, Deb Holt, Gillian Fink and Eric Yin. (large image)

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Deb Holt
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of Development


Kelly De Haven

Ann Leahy

Gillian Fink

Eric Yin

In the UW-Madison College of Engineering, we understand the importance of two-way communication with our alumni about preparing the next generation of engineers for a rapidly changing world. Beginning this year, we’re working to bring that conversation to your community.

We have organized a series of breakfast meetings around the state and nation with alumni, Dean Paul Peercy and College of Engineering department chairs, giving us a chance to hear from you personally about challenges and opportunities in the field. We also have gathered great ideas about ways we can better prepare our students to be successful leaders.

Two strong impressions resonate from these events. First, the depth and breadth of talent and expertise among UW-Madison engineering alumni is truly inspiring. And second, the meetings reinforce how passionately College of Engineering alumni care about their alma mater and how committed they are to seeing its academic excellence continue to thrive.

The meetings underscore the importance of private giving to our continued success. Alumni generosity has considerably strengthened the transformational work of Engineering Beyond Boundaries and this exciting program will continue to generate many opportunities for private support.

The flexible funding support that comes from an endowment is more critical than ever to our success. Having the ability to respond quickly to challenges or to seize emerging opportunities often hinges on the availability of flexible funds from private sources.

Endowed support enables us to:

  • Be competitive with outside offers for our best and brightest faculty;

  • Take advantage of once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for our students to travel and study abroad;

  • Expand upon award-winning student organizations and competitions, including the internationally renowned hybrid vehicle teams;

  • Provide a source of need-based scholarship support in a time of increased challenges to affordability.

We hope that you will continue to be a partner in the college success through your time, your expertise and your financial support. And as we continue our breakfast meetings across the country, we also hope you will join the conversation.

2008:$11,101,281. 2007:$18,839,133. 2006:$11,994,821. 2005: $8,441,490. 2004: $9,289,676. 2003: $14,180,161.
42% from corporations, 39% from alumni and other individuals, 17% from foundations, and 2% from employer matching gifts 46% for departments and programs, 24% for scholarships and fellowships, 18% for faculty chairs and professorships, and 12% for buildings.
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