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Master of Engineering (Polymer Engineering and Science)

Master of Engineering (Polymer Engineering and Science)
A. Jeffrey Giacomin
Tel: 608/262-7473
Tim Osswald

Organized under the Rheology Research Center (RRC) and affiliated departments of chemistry, chemical and biological engineering, engineering physics, and mechanical engineering, the Master of Engineering (Polymer Engineering and Science) degree is ideal for students wishing to complete a bachelor of science plus master's degree in a total of five years. All the degree credits required can be taken through the College of Engineering Credit Courses at a Distance.

Many corporations sponsoring research at the RRC are also participating sponsors of the National Technological University. These corporations encourage employees to take polymer courses that are broadcast to customer sites. In the future, the entire degree will be available to students who cannot attend classes on campus.

Practicing engineers and scientists on a short sabbatical leave from their positions in industry will find the degree an excellent opportunity to advance their knowledge of polymer engineering. At least six approved courses are offered each semester.

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