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Ann Leahy, Eric Yin, Deb Holt, Kelly De Haven

The UW Foundation engineering development team (from left): Ann Leahy, Eric Yin, Deb Holt and Kelly De Haven. (large image)

University of Wisconsin Foundation

1848 University Avenue
P. O. Box 8860
Madison, WI 53708

Managing Senior Director
of Development

Deb Holt

of Development

Kelly De Haven

Ann Leahy

Eric Yin

As you probably know from your own experiences, engineering is not a solitary profession. Rather, engineers practice in a global marketplace. They interact with colleagues, collaborators, clients and suppliers who live and work around the world. Together—though often miles apart—those groups develop solutions to some of the greatest challenges of our time.

The engineers who will populate the workforce in the coming years must be problem-solvers. They must have solid, current, discipline-specific knowledge—yet their education should include depth and breadth that enables them to tackle global challenges in multicultural, multidisciplinary teams.

In the University of Wisconsin-Madison College of Engineering, we aim to prepare our students to be the leaders of the future. Increasing globalization and the rapid pace of technological change are challenges in engineering education, but we view them as opportunities.

Via its COE 2010 initiative, the College of Engineering is in the midst of a curricular transformation that will ensure our graduates are prepared immediately to contribute to, and to excel in, the future of engineering.

Among recent developments, the college has funded proposals that enable faculty and staff to:

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