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2007–2008 highlights

A research will study the composition of bacterial communities in humic lakes and how those communities respond to natural and human-driven changes.

With $1.5 million from the National Science Foundation, Civil and Environmental Engineering Associate Professor Katherine McMahon is among a multidisciplinary group of UW-Madison and University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign researchers that is studying the composition of bacterial communities in humic lakes and how these microorganisms respond to changes in their environment. This fundamental “systems” knowledge may help researchers develop more accurate ecosystem-level models, which enable them to predict carbon or nutrient flow through the system. It also may give high carbon-dioxide-emitting humic lakes greater weight in climate-change models. (large image)

Research funding

Invention disclosures

DURING THE 2007 FISCAL YEAR, College of Engineering faculty, staff and students made 150 invention disclosures through the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation, with 88 U.S. patent applications filed and 31 patents issued. For the eighth consecutive year, the college has reported more than 100 patent disclosures.

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