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Interdisciplinary Degree Programs

Environmental Chemistry and Technology Program
Marc Anderson

This interdepartmental graduate program offers both an MS and PhD. Participating departments include civil and environmental engineering (primary department), chemical and biological engineering, chemistry, soil science, and geology and geophysics. Program activities are centered in the Water Science and Engineering Lab on Lake Mendota, where researchers examine the applications of chemistry to problems in environmental and engineering systems.

The program has four areas of specialization: aquatic chemistry, which studies the chemical processes in lakes, rivers and watersheds, and organic chemicals, trace metals and nutrient elements; environmental technology, which studies the application of chemistry and biotechnology to development of technologies for water and air treatment, sensors and energy-storage devices; air pollution chemistry, which studies sources, characterization, reactions and fate of air pollutants as well as air-water interactions; and terrestrial chemistry, which studies chemical and biogeochemical processes in soils and sediments and their influences on land-water and air-water interactions.

Graduates from this program are prepared for a variety of careers, including teaching, research, pollution control, and resource management.

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