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College Directory


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2008 College Directory

This list of the College of Engineering consortia, centers and services is current as of September 2008. Read detailed information about these entities in the annual report companion publication, the 2008 COLLEGE DIRECTORY. If you would like to obtain a free printed copy, contact:

Engineering External Relations
433 Wendt Library
215 North Randall Avenue
Madison, WI 53706
Tel: 608/263-0611
Fax: 608/263-9259


Biomedical Engineering Student Design Consortium
Robert G. Radwin (Director)
Tel: 608/263-4660 — Fax: 608/265-9239
Consortium for Fly Ash Use in Geotechnical Applications
Tuncer B. Edil (Co-Director)
Craig H. Benson (Co-Director)
Tel: 608/262-3225 — Fax: 608/263-2453
Diesel Emissions Reduction Consortium
Rolf Reitz (Director)
Tel: 608/262-0145 — Fax: 608/262-6707
Ergonomics Analysis and Design Consortium
Robert G. Radwin (Director)
Tel: 608/263-4660 — Fax: 608/265-9239
Industrial Hand Tool and Ergonomics Research Consortium
Robert G. Radwin (Director)
Tel: 608/263-4660 — Fax: 608/265-9239
Industrial Refrigeration Consortium
Douglas Reindl (Director)
Tel: 866/635-4721 — Fax: 608/262-6209
Power Systems Engineering Research Center (PSerc)
Christopher L. DeMarco (Site Director)
Dennis Ray (Executive Director)
Tel: 608/262-5546 — Fax: 608/262-1267
Quick Response Manufacturing Consortium
Ananth Krishnamurthy (Director)
Tel: 608/262-4709 — Fax: 608/265-4017
University of Wisconsin Advanced Materials Industrial Consortium
Juan J. de Pablo (Co-Director)
Paul F. Nealey (Co-Director)
Tel: 608/265-3783 — Fax: 608/265-4036
University of Wisconsin E-Business Consortium
Raj Veeramani (Director)
Alfonso Gutierrez (Associate Director)
Christina Harkins (Assistant Director)
Tel: 608/265-0645 — Fax: 608/262-8454
Wisconsin Consortium for Applied Water Quality Research
Gregory Harrington (Director)
Tel: 608/263-7773 — Fax: 608/262-5199
Wisconsin Electric Machines and Power Electronics Consortium (WEMPEC)
Thomas M. Jahns (Co-Director) Tel: 608/262-5702
Thomas A. Lipo (Co-Director) Tel: 608/262-0287
Robert D. Lorenz (Co-Director) Tel: 608/262-5343
Wisconsin Plasma Processing and Technology Research Consortium
Noah Hershkowitz (Director)
Tel: 608/263-4970 — Fax: 608/265-2364
Wisconsin Public Utility Institute
Cara Lee Mahany Braithwait (Director)
Tel: 608/890-1815
Wisconsin Wireless and Sensor Networks (WiSeNet) Consortium
Parmesh Ramanathan (Director)
Akbar Sayeed (Associate Director)
Tel: 608/263-0557 — Fax: 608/262-1267
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