Members of the college Industrial Advisory Board are professionals in government, industry and academia. They provide advice to the college's faculty, staff and administrators on academic programs and cooperative efforts with industry, and assist the dean with strategic planning. They also bring to the college the latest concerns and challenges of industry, information that is vital in preparing graduates for their careers. We thank them for their valuable service to the College of Engineering.

Thomas F. Gunkel
President and COO
M.A. Mortenson Company

Richard Antoine
Global Human Resources Officer
The Procter & Gamble Co.

Eric C. Apfelbach
President and CEO
Virent Energy Systems

Hilton H. Augustine Jr.
Chairman and CEO
Global Management Systems, Inc.

Mary Burke
Wisconsin Department of Commerce

Dean A. Foate
President and CEO
Plexus Corp.

John P. Holton

Norman Hai-Ming Koo
Executive Director, Corporate Technology
AOL Time Warner, Inc.

Lawrence E. Kraus
Divisional Vice President, Global Pharmaceutical Operations
Abbott Laboratories

Matthew D. Kuckuk
Vice President of e.Services, North American Operations
Acutate Corporation

Laura L. Lukaczyk
Managing General Partner
Avansis Ventures

Craig Mataczynski
Renewable Energy Systems, USA

John S. Nelson
CEO Emeritus
Affiliated Engineers Inc.

Robert B. Olson
Retired Executive Vice President and COO
Little Rapids Corporation

Susan E. Perszyk
Vice President, Supplier Management
Sara Lee Foods

James D. Plummer
Frederick Emmons Terman Dean
School of Engineering
Stanford University

Thomas F. Plunkett
Retired President, Nuclear Division
Florida Power & Light Company

Michael R. Splinter
President and CEO
Applied Materials, Inc.

John Stichman
Vice President, Weapon Systems Division 2000
Sandia National Laboratories

Tom Still
Wisconsin Technology Council

Peter P. Tong
Mandarin Partners

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