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Engineering Development Office staff members

Left to right: Development Director Deb Holt, Development Director Carrie McGinley and Senior Development Director Lance Cavanaugh in the atrium of the college's Engineering Centers Building (20K JPG)

Our world is experiencing tremendous change and technological advancement. This presents significant challenges to the University of Wisconsin-Madison College of Engineering.

To be productive engineers in the 21st century, our graduates need to have strong technical knowledge and skills, and a strong work ethic. They also need a good understanding of the global economy, effective management and leadership practices, and the ability to work well on project teams. Our college is committed to providing outstanding education, advising, and growth opportunities that will prepare our students to be successful in the engineering profession.

Through its academic, research and outreach programs, UW-Madison and the College of Engineering contribute to the career success of our alumni and the quality of life for all people. The UW has one of the best engineering schools in the nation and has the potential to move up into the Top 10. Achieving and maintaining this high level of quality and reputation requires substantial resources.

Money from the state legislature and student tuition isn't nearly enough to run a premier engineering school. More than ever, philanthropic support from alumni, friends and corporations is vital to the success of UW-Madison's College of Engineering. To be more favorably competitive with other highly ranked engineering schools, we must improve our infrastructure by constructing new buildings and renovating old facilities — we need to ensure that our students and faculty have state-of-the-art, dynamic environments for learning, collaboration and research. We must provide more scholarships and fellowships to help students with the increasing cost of tuition and other educational and living expenses. We must better support our highly talented faculty members with more private gifts for academic departments and endowed chairs and professorships.

What can you do to help? Give back generously to the university. Make a special commitment and financial contribution to our success. We are in a major fund-raising drive — Create The Future: The Wisconsin Campaign — and we need your strong support. Give us a call. We can share several opportunities for making a difference and helping promote the quest for excellence. You can leave your legacy here at the UW by naming an endowed fund or sponsoring a classroom or lab. You can make a pledge and fulfill it over a period of years, and you also can include the College of Engineering in your estate plans.

Carrie McGinley, Deb Holt, and I work at the UW Foundation to encourage and secure private philanthropic contributions for the College of Engineering. We look forward to helping you support your university and the college. On Wisconsin!

J. Lance Cavanaugh,, 608/265-9562
Senior Director of Development
UW Foundation

P. O. Box 8860
Madison, WI 53708

Tel: 608/263-4545
Fax: 608/263-0781

Deb Holt,, 608/263-0779
Carrie McGinley,, 608/263-5129

CREATE THE FUTURE: The Wisconsin Campaign

Priorities for the College of Engineering (COE)

STUDENTS $30,000,000
  • Graduate Student Fellowships
  • Undergraduate Student Scholarships
  • Women and Minorities in Engineering
  • Student Activities, Awards, Prizes
FACULTY $30,000,000
  • Endowed Chairs
  • Endowed Professorships
  • Faculty Recruitment and Development
  • Program Enrichment and Enhancement
  • Consortia and Centers
  • COE Fund For Excellence (Unrestricted)
  • Business For Engineers
FACILITIES $30,000,000
  • Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Building
  • Student Learning Center
  • Engineering Campus Aesthetic Improvements
  • Other
TOTAL 150,000,000

2003 Sources of Gifts

Alumni and Other Individuals 67%
Corporations 20%
Foundations and Trusts 11%
Employer Matching Gifts 2%

2003 Designated Uses of Gifts

Departments and Programs 52%
Buildings 13%
Scholarships and Fellowships 16%
Faculty Chairs and Professorships 19%

Contributions to the College of Engineering*

* Total value of gifts of cash and appreciated securities. Outstanding pledges and in-kind gifts not included.


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