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Dean Paul S. Peercy

We are educating the next generation of engineers and opening up new research frontiers in a time of tremendous change. We are undergoing a shift from the industrial age, based on the production of manufactured goods, to an age whose primary social "product" is knowledge. This is a profound transformation for all of society — but particularly for those of us in technology and higher education. Keeping pace with this rate of change — and, indeed, helping to direct it — will challenge us as never before in the history of the University of Wisconsin-Madison College of Engineering.

Modern, flexible space for research and education will be a key element to keeping this college in a leadership position in the coming decades. Last year at this time we were preparing to celebrate the first new engineering building in 30 years, the Engineering Centers Building. This fall, we are making final preparations to begin construction on another new building which is strategic to our vision for the future.

Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Building

The new Mechanical Engineering Building is the next step toward this vision. Built in 1930, the Mechanical Engineering Building has not had a major renovation. Many of its current facilities are unable to adequately support modern education and research activities. We plan to create a 21st century building by first demolishing the "Sawtooth" portion at the center of the building. A new building will rise in its place, with four stories of modern education and research facilities.

When that phase is completed, the existing Mechanical Engineering Building will be completely renovated. New electrical and data infrastructure will be installed, creating modern research and education facilities and providing handicapped accessibility. The historic façade of the original building will be retained. The design team has been working for the past year on this project, and design is nearing completion. The building is another impressive public-private partnership between the State of Wisconsin and alumni and friends of the college. The state has committed $23 million to the project, with the remainder of the $46 million total construction cost coming from private funds. Many alumni and friends are stepping forward to provide the private component. This summer, major gifts were received which were critical for obtaining final approval of the project plans.

We thank all alumni and friends who were crucial in enabling us to move forward with this project. Also, we thank them for their support for many other important college programs. With your continued interest and engagement, we will strive to meet our challenges and exceed your expectations.


Paul S. Peercy, Dean
Tel: 608/262-3482
Fax: 608/262-6400
2610 Engineering Hall
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