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Engineering Centers Building

The Engineering Centers Building, the first entirely new building on the College of Engineering campus in 30 years, was completed in fall 2002.

Engineering Centers Building floor

Artist Scott Parsons melded images from engines, circuits, CAT scans, fractals and other engineering research to create the Engineering Centers Building's 11,000-square-foot terrazzo floor. Here, workers place a mix of epoxy, glass and marble into a jigsaw-puzzle-like pattern created with zinc and brass dividers. The floor was funded by the Wisconsin Percent for Art Program.

Terrazzo floor design for the Engineering Centers Building

The artist's design for the Engineering Centers Building floor.

Sixty-Strut Tensigrity Sphere

A view of the Buckminster Fuller sculpture "Sixty-Strut Tensegrity Sphere," during its installation in the prow of the Engineering Centers Building.


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