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IMAGINE - Annual Report 1999
College of Engineering -- University of Wisconsin-Madison


Annual message from the Engineering Development Office

Julie and Ed

Julie J. Rae and Ed Manuel, the college's development directors. (23K JPG)

Big Lettermagine" has been a buzzword around the College of Engineering campus for some time. Imagination is the critical link that allows our students, faculty and staff to move from an under-standing to the creation of new knowledge, ideas and concepts. Without imagination, COE researchers could never have created micromotors and sensors smaller than human hairs, or methods to ensure a safe and reliable water supply, or any of the numerous advances you have read about in this report.

Our students demonstrate their powers of imagination time and again. It is evident in many "off-timetable" projects such as FutureCar, Formula Team, Concrete Canoe and BRAINSTORM: The Schoofs Prize for Creativity.

Even our physical surroundings demonstrate the endless flow of ideas and imagination on campus. The buildings and artwork that give the college its signature are the results of dreams and imagination backed by your support.

Perhaps no group demonstrates the power of imagination more than the thousands of individuals and corporations who have contributed to the COE VISION 2000 program. When we pointed to the decrepit "Temporary Buildings" and asked you to imagine the Centers Building, you saw it and have given generously toward its construction. In 1998, the College of Engineering received $14,439,653 in gifts. Many of the nine areas of strategic importance outlined in VISION 2000 are becoming realities. Two areas in particular need your support. They are major engines of imagination and the creation of new knowledge: endowed professorships and graduate student fellowships. To compete with institutions offering large start-up packages to senior faculty, we need the leverage offered by endowed professorships. This in turn enables faculty to support more graduate students and offer opportunities for undergraduates in their research programs.

The quality of graduate students is the heart of any graduate program. We need to encourage the best and brightest to continue their education with our faculty... to break new ground and develop the technologies that will lead our economy in the new millennium. We can do this with your support... just imagine.


Ed Manuel
Ed Manuel, Senior Director of Development

Julie J. Rae
Julie J. Rae, Director of Development

UW Foundation / 1848 University Avenue / Madison, WI 53708
Tel: 608/263-4545 / Fax: 608/263-0781

1998 Sources of Gifts

Individuals 59%
Corporations 25%
Foundations 14%
Employer Matches 2%

1998 Designated Uses of Gifts

Scholarships 30%
Departments and Programs 28%
Building 27%
Unrestricted 13%
Faculty Professorships 4%

College of Engineering Contributions 1993-1998


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