The College of Engineering -- University of Wisconsin-MadisonAnnual Report 1998

Big Lettert is particularly important for institutions that foster change to be able to predict, plan for and react to change. The UW-Madison College of Engineering is just such an institution. The new knowledge created on the Madison campus generates change and improvement worldwide. At a recent meeting of the Industrial Liaison Council (ILC) we tried to address the needs that must be fulfilled by the college in the years 2005 to 2010.

As we enter the age of mastery, the need for continuous learning becomes paramount. Our control over the world on the atomic, genetic and digital level is growing rapidly as evidenced in the pages of this report. This new understanding and control of our world requires vast amounts of new knowledge. Distance teaching via the Internet presents the college with an extraordinary opportunity and challenge to meet the needs of continuous learning. Courses offered on the Madison campus are already being attended by students in other parts of the state via video and computer links. Engineering Professional Development offers courses to professionals around the world. More and more, learning is taking place outside of the traditional classroom. The college must expand this technology to meet the demands of learning that take place 24 hours a day, across state and national boundaries.

As great a challenge as this new technology presents, it is the smaller part of the picture when compared to the investment needed in human capital. State support of the university has steadily declined. The demand for top-quality, high-potential professors and instructors is at an all-time high as is the competition for them. While effort to put more discipline into government budgets is warranted, it comes at a time when the college and university are under great pressure to retain a world-class staff. We urge the state legislature and governor to recognize the university as a jewel in the state and to find ways to lend additional support.

This highly ranked and recognized research institution is great because of its wealth of human capital. We don't want to see that jeopardized.

Ernest S. Micek, 1997-98 Chair
Industrial Liason Council

Kathryn Anderson
Tech. Leader, Control Info. Systems
Procter & Gamble
Cincinnati, Ohio

Thomas H. Aschenbrenner
Dallas, Texas

Jeffrey A. Banaszynski
Senior Vice President
Allen-Bradley Co., Inc.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Eugene M. Bentley, III
Advanced Engineering, P.C.
Washington, D.C.

John E. Berndt
Sprint International
Westwood, Kansas

Brenda J. Blanchard
Forward Wisconsin
Madison, Wisconsin

Guy D. Briggs
VP / General Manager of Operations
GM Truck Group
Pontiac, Michigan

Edward P. Cornell
Vice President, Engineering
Mountain View, California

James S. Dahlke
President and CEO
Harrow Industries
Grand Rapids, Michigan

John R. Dewane
Consultant, Space & Aviation Sys.
Honeywell, Inc.
Phoenix, Arizona

A. Frederick Fath
Director, Tech Assessment (retired)
Seattle, Washington

R. Fenton-May
Director of Operations Development
The Coca-Cola Company
Atlanta, Georgia

C. Daniel Gelatt, Jr.
NMT Corporation
LaCrosse, Wisconsin

Jane Griesinger
Kurt Salmon Associates
Princeton, New Jersey

Thomas N. Hendrickson
President and CEO
Leicester, New York

Gerry Hoerig
Private Consultant
Boulder, Colorado

John Huston
VP, Power Train Operations
Ford Motor Company
Dearborn, Michigan

Leon P. Janssen
Manager, Global Education Solutions
GE Medical Systems
Waukesha, Wisconsin

Frederick C. Kiekhaefer
Mercury Hi-Performance
Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

Steven E. Klabunde
Vice President, Engineering (retired)
Giddings and Lewis
Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

Charles F. Kohlmeyer
Vice President
Baxter Health Care Corp.
Deerfield, Illinois

Thomas Kruger
Private Consultant
Charlotte, North Carolina

Ronald E. Mengel
VP of Engineering
McNeil Consumer Products Co.
Ft. Washington, Pennsylvania

Ernest S. Micek
Chairman, President, CEO
Cargill, Inc.
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Timothy C. Mickelson
Private Consultant
Mequon, Wisconsin

Brian A. Mitchell
Mitchell Construction, Inc.
Madison, Wisconsin

Thomas J. Mohs
Placon Corp.
Madison, Wisconsin

Jason Poon
President (retired)
Poon Wong & Association, Inc.
Vancouver, BC

Morton G. Spooner
Director, Planning (retired)
Estero, Florida

Mary L. Tilton
Director of Operations
Planar Standish Inc.
Lake Mills, Wisconsin

Richard L. Wilkey
Fisher-Barton, Inc.
Watertown, Wisconsin

Sidney B. Williams, Jr.
Of Counsel
Flynn, Thiel, Boutell & Tanis, P.C.
Kalamazoo, Michigan

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