Engineering Ideas for Tomorrow -- College of Engineering 1997 Annual Report
Manufacturing Systems Engineering Program
College of Engineering 1997 Annual Report -- Engineering Ideas for Tomorrow

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Computer imaging of biomedical application Student David Overbo shows Assistant Professor Vadim Shapiro (left) a computer image of a "bead dispenser" prototype, which he developed under the guidance of Assistant Professor Nicola J. FerrierNicola Ferrier for use in the biomedical industry. Assistant Professor Dharmaraj ("Raj") Veeramani (right) views the actual object in a new rapid prototyping machine. Part of the Integrated Manufacturing Systems Laboratory, the new equipment is used by faculty and students to develop prototypes in hours rather than the previous norm of weeks, (35K JPG).

Providing the ideal foundation

The Manufacturing Systems Engineering (MSE) Master of Science Degree Program is multi-disciplinary, drawing courses and faculty from the College of Engineering, the computer science department, and the School of Business. Hands-on projects with associated manufacturing firms, and classes taught by internationally recognized experts, provide the ideal foundation for those entering today's competitive manufacturing environment.

The purpose of the MSE Program is to:

Program awards 38 MS degrees in 1996-97

Thirty-eight students earned degrees in the last year. These graduates have been exposed to management, accounting, manufacturing, engineering and quality disciplines. The MSE Program has supplied them with the technical and management skills to meet the demands of industry today and in the future.

Practical problems; cutting-edge concepts

MSE students are exposed to practical problems and cutting-edge concepts, creating engineers who can combine management skills with advanced technical abilities. The courses cover a broad range of manufacturing issues, while reinforcing a systems approach and allowing students to tailor their studies to individual interests. The MSE Program is widely acknowledged as a leading provider of versatile engineers for modern manufacturing firms. Graduates continually prove themselves on the job, implementing advanced manufacturing projects requiring superb communication between management and mechanical, industrial, electrical and process engineers. Most students choose from numerous job offers.

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