Engineering Ideas for Tomorrow -- College of Engineering 1997 Annual Report
Industrial Liason Council
College of Engineering 1997 Annual Report -- Engineering Ideas for Tomorrow

Annual Message from the Industrial Liaison Council Chair

As it prepares for the new millennium, the College of Engineering faces enormous challenges. There are unprecedented demands for its resources from customers both on and off campus. At the same time, federal and state budget constraints mean some difficult choices must be made about future directions.

Fortunately, the college has shown a willingness to be entrepreneurial in its approach to the changing climate. The UW Technology Enterprise Cooperative is showing promise in assisting faculty, staff and students in creating new technology based businesses through concepts such as the virtual cooperative. The number of consortia continues to grow, as do innovations such as communicating with customers via the World Wide Web.

There is also an inventive spirit with regard to the undergraduates. Faculty members are being encouraged to help students think about engineering from a business as well as a technical perspective. Courses in communications are being emphasized, and students are being offered the chance to do engineering design in the first year. This promises to help create a generation of 21st-century engineers with the ability to be creative and consider all the available possibilities. Whether they work for a large company or for themselves, future engineers will benefit from developing an entrepreneurial outlook from the start of their career.

The Industrial Liaison Council will continue to act as a resource to help the college stay on target in its efforts to prepare for 2000 and beyond. This partnership yields an important industry perspective for the institution and allows members to help shape the engineering leaders of tomorrow.

Thomas N. Hendrickson
1996-97 Chair

Kathryn Anderson
Tech. Leader, Ctrl. Info. Sys.
Procter & Gamble
Cincinnati, Ohio

Thomas H. Aschenbrenner
Independent Financier /
Dallas, Texas

Jeffrey A. Banaszynski
Senior Vice President
Allen-Bradley Co., Inc.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Eugene M. Bentley, III
Advanced Engineering, P.C.
Washington, D.C.

John E. Berndt
Fluor Daniel Telecom
Richardson, Texas

Guy D. Briggs
VP for Trucks and Bus
GM Truck Group Operations
Pontiac, Michigan

Edward P. Cornell
VP, Mailing Systems Engr.
Pitney Bowes
Shelton, Connecticut

James S. Dahlke
President and CEO
Harrow Industries
Grand Rapids, Michigan

John R. Dewane
Honeywell, Inc.
Phoenix, Arizona

A. Frederick Fath
Director, Tech Assessment
Seattle, Washington

R. Fenton-May
Director of Operations Dev.
The Coca-Cola Company
Atlanta, Georgia

C. Daniel Gelatt, Jr.
NMT Corporation
LaCrosse, Wisconsin

Jane Griesinger
Kurt Salmon Associates
Princeton, New Jersey

Thomas N. Hendrickson
President and CEO
Leicester, New York

Gerry Hoerig
Syntex Chemicals, Inc.
Boulder, Colorado

John Huston
VP, Power Train Operations
Ford Motor Company
Dearborn, Michigan

Leon P. Janssen
Mgr., Global Field Training Op.
GE Medical Systems
Waukesha, Wisconsin

Frederick C. Kiekhaefer
Mercury Hi-Performance
Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

Steven E. Klabunde
Vice President, Engineering
Giddings and Lewis
Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

Charles F. Kohlmeyer
Vice President
Baxter Health Care Corp.
Deerfield, Illinois

Thomas Kruger
Vice President
Hoechst Celanese Corp.
Charlotte, North Carolina

Ronald E. Mengel
VP of Engineering
McNeil Consumer Products Co.
Ft. Washington, Pennsylvania

Ernest S. Micek
Chairman, President, CEO
Cargill, Inc.
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Timothy C. Mickelson
Marquette Electronics
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Brian A. Mitchell
Mitchell Construction, Inc.
Madison, Wisconsin

Thomas J. Mohs
Placon Corp.
Madison, Wisconsin

Jason Poon
Poon Wong & Assoc., Inc.
Vancouver, BC

Morton G. Spooner Director,
Planning (retired)
Estero, Florida

Kathleen C. Taylor
Head-Physical Chem. Dept.
GM NAO R&D Center
Warren, Michigan

Mary L. Tilton
Vice President, Technology
Standish LCD
Lake Mills, Wisconsin

Richard L. Wilkey
Fisher-Barton, Inc.
Watertown, Wisconsin

Sidney Williams
Executive Director (retired)
Trademarks & Domestic Pat.
Upjohn Co., Kalamazoo, MI

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