Engineering Ideas for Tomorrow -- College of Engineering 1997 Annual Report
Private Support
College of Engineering 1997 Annual Report -- Engineering Ideas for Tomorrow

ANNUAL MESSAGE from the Engineering Development Office

Ed Manuel and Julie Johns

According to U.S. News & World Report, our college is ranked as one of the best dozen colleges of engineering; we know your learning experience at Wisconsin supports that. Unfortunately, unlike traditions, research and teaching facilities are not enhanced by age. Alumni and friends have an impressive record of providing support, and that commitment will play a major role in ensuring its continued strength and progress. While state funds provide the base for the college's operation, private support provides the critical margin of quality that sets our college apart and fuels greater expectations and achievements.

The development office is committed to the pursuit of excellence and this column gives us the opportunity to report on our progress and thank all of our donors. 1996 was another record-breaking year at the University of Wisconsin Foundation. We received $106,532,842 making 1996 the twenty-ninth consecutive year of increased giving and a 21.2-percent increase over 1995. This record number of gifts, along with direct private support to the Board of Regents and from the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation, helped UW-Madison retain its national reputation in fund raising. According to the most recent survey by the Council for Aid to Education, UW-Madison was seventh in total private support nationwide and number one among public institutions. The University of Wisconsin Foundation received 6,995 gifts totaling $6,787,296 on behalf of the College of Engineering in 1996. This is a seven-percent increase from 1995.

In addition to the many scholarship, fellowship and professorship endowment funds established through philanthropy, the following activities would NOT have occurred last year without private support:

The need for gift support has never been greater. Thus, we must rely on you to respond to the college's needs to the full extent of your ability. Fine teachers, plus outstanding students, plus modern facilities equal excellence. Excellence is quality. But it cannot be taken for granted--it cannot be sustained by itself. Your donations are tangible symbols of your support of education and your commitment to the College of Engineering. On behalf of Dean Bollinger and the college's faculty, staff and students, we thank you for your generous support.

On Wisconsin!

Ed Manuel, Development Director
Julie J. Rae, Development Director
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1996 Sources of Gifts

Individuals 41%
Corporations 34%
Foundations 21%
Employer Matches 4%

1996 Designated Uses of Gifts

Departments and Programs 44%
Scholarships 31%
Unrestricted 11%
Building 9%
Faculty Professorships 5%

College of Engineering Contributions 1991-1996


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