University of Wisconsin Madison College of Engineering
Diagram showing symbiosis of College of Engineering departments with Wisconsin School of Business departments.


For what types of jobs should we recruit MSE graduates?

Our graduates represent a technically-oriented interdisciplinary alternative to Industrial Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers, or MBAs, for manufacturing related positions. Job placement overview »


Why not just hire an MBA with an undergraduate engineering degree?


MSE graduates possess a unique understanding of today's industrial environment, combining advanced technical knowledge with relevant managerial expertise. Topics that are relevant to manufacturing competitiveness today include design for assembly, design for manufacture, CIM systems, concurrent engineering, rapid prototyping, robotics, controls, and more. In-depth coverage of these topics requires many technical prerequisites. Such courses do not easily fit in an engineering undergraduate sequence and, clearly, the topics are too technical to be covered in a business school curriculum. In view of the trends in manufacturing today, many firms are opting to fast-track MSE students for management positions instead of the MBAs that they have traditionally utilized.


Then what about MSME, MSIE, or MSEE graduates as alternatives?

While degrees in specialized disciplines will always have their place, manufacturing firms also need technical people that can span across disciplines. Competitiveness today is highly dependent on teamwork and communication. MSE program graduates have been very successful at coordinating and implementing advanced manufacturing projects that require communication among mechanical, electrical, industrial and process engineers, and management.


How do MSE graduates compare with those from other top name schools?


Our graduates fully expect to work in factories, on the shop floor, and have hands-on involvement in the "nitty-gritty" aspects that go into successful manufacturing. Some well-known schools with similar programs have found their graduates to be more apt to accept positions in marketing, distribution and general management, with consulting firms, or even with financial services firms! UW's MSE program graduates have a track record of longer-term commitment to careers in manufacturing. This is crucial for firms aiming to maintain long-term manufacturing competitiveness.