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Is the GRE (Graduate Record Exam) mandatory?

Students with a BS degree from a university or college outside of the United States must supply GRE and TOEFL scores.


Is there a PhD Program?

Currently, the MSE program does not offer a PhD degree. However, MSE students wishing to pursue PhD degrees have done so by applying to the Industrial and Systems Engineering or Mechanical Engineering departments.


What is MSE's committment to women and minorities?

Since 1971, the University of Wisconsin-Madison College of Engineering has had a program in place to insure racial and gender diversity among its student body, faculty, and staff. The Engineering Minority Affairs Program works with the MSE program in recruitment and retention efforts made by the College on behalf of minority and women students. Through the Society of Women Engineers, the College also provides a program designed specifically to meet the needs of women in engineering.


What are tuition and other costs for attending this program?

Expenses for an academic year (fall and spring semesters) vary depending on the amount of credits you take, current tuition rates and living expenses. For an estimate, check the tuition table.


Is financial aid available?

The MSE program provides a limited amount of financial aid to some students on a highly competitive basis in the form of fellowships. If you are interested in a fellowship, please submit your résumé along with your application and note that you are seeking financial support.

Most assistantships can be found by contacting faculty members directly and inquiring about opportunities to assist with research or projects. These positions are awarded solely by the individual professor according to the needs of his or her research project. For a listing of MSE affiliated faculty, their interests and contact information, click here.

The MSE Program also nominates qualified individuals for the Graduate Engineering Research Scholars (GERS) Program, a unique fellowship program offering students a strong financial package and many other benefits.

For information about funds that are not administered through the MSE program, please check the Graduate School or the Student Financial Aid Office. You might also be able to finance part of your studies through a job on campus (UW Student Job Center).