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Admission to the master's program in Manufacturing Systems Engineering (MSE) follows these steps:


Apply at the UW-Madison Graduate School. Make sure to check the typical timeline for an application. Prepare and submit the required materials.


Submit the required application materials to the MSE program. Use this checklist as a guide. With the application deadlines in mind and for other practical reasons, get started on this step while you complete your graduate school application.


After you have submitted all the application materials to the MSE program as well as the graduate school, we will review your qualifications and check if everything is complete. The MSE program will then recommend qualified candidates for admission to the graduate school.


If you have any questions about the admissions process to the MSE program, please contact us at


Admission requirements


Manufacturing Systems Engineering (MSE) provides many opportunities for students from different engineering backgrounds.


In order to be admitted to this highly flexible master's degree program, applicants must fulfill several criteria:


An engineering degree from an ABET-accredited program or its equivalent. A physical sciences degree coupled with considerable industry experience will also be considered.


An undergraduate GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. GRE and TOEFL exam scores for all students whose undergraduate degrees were earned outside of the United States. A minimum of two years of relevant industry experience and/or project work.


To demonstrate that these criteria have been met, potential students must submit:


An official application to the UW-Madison Graduate School. Official transcripts from the institution granting the undergraduate degree sent directly to the MSE Program. Recommendation letters submitted electronically by three persons who are familiar with you and your work. A statement of purpose sent directly to the MSE Program. A résumé sent directly to the MSE Program.


Get application materials


If you are interested in receiving application materials for the MSE Program, please send your request via email or call the North Student Services Center (608) 890-2282. You may also contact the MSE Program via the address listed on the contact page.




Download a detailed checklist with instructions about the required application materials (PDF)


Application deadlines


Fall: February 1
Spring: September 1
Summer: March 1