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This image of a cell from a corn kernel helped UW–Madison botanist Marisa Otegui find important signaling proteins outside the parts of the cell with which they are usually associated. The image was produced with a tomography electron microscope in Boulder, CO. A new microscope to be installed in the Materials Science Center in summer 2012 will allow this work to be done in Madison. More »


To promote interaction among faculty and students with materials interests, the engineering campus hosts many laboratories for research areas such as electron microscopy, crystallography, electronic materials, fatigue and fracture, nuclear materials, polymer science, powder metallurgy, radiation damage, rheology, crystal growth and purification, superconductivity, cryogenics, and surface properties.


Facilities and expertise required to design and fabricate special research equipment is available on the engineering campus. In addition to materials research laboratories in engineering and physical science departments, the Materials Science Center offers general-purpose laboratories, materials preparation facilities, and commonly used apparatus, such as electron microscopes and x-ray diffractometers


Campus-wide facilities include computing centers, heavy ion and electron accelerators, and a nuclear reactor with facilities for neutron diffraction. Students and faculty use the Physical Sciences Laboratory and Synchrotron Radiation Center.



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