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If you are currently enrolled as a graduate student in Materials Science and Engineering and do not see your name here, or if your name already appears on this list and you would like to add your contact information (such as your office number and email address), please send a message to the MSE office.

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Graduate students

Materials Science
and Engineering


Ahn, Youngjun
Chen, Qinyi
Chen, Weixin
Chen, Yajin
Cui, Xiaorui
Guan, Yingxin
Heideman, Robert
Hobbs, Franklin
Ke, Huibin
Li, Zhaodong
Muley, Sachin
Park, Joonkyu
Rich, Matthew
Shen, Ye,
Sossaman, Travis
Sun, Congli
Tang, Wei
Tilka, Jack
Wang, Jialiang
Wang, Zhe
Wei, Wei
Yin, Xin
Yu, Yanhao 
Zhang, Chenyu


Other graduate students advised by MSE faculty

Acevedo, Suehelay, Biomedical
Albakri, Oday, Physics
Ardalani, Hamisha, Biomedical
Arjmand, Mehrdad, Engineering Mechanics
Belair, David, Biomedical
Benjamin, Chandler, Engineering Mechanics
Brechtl, James, Physics
Briggs, Sam, Physics
Cho, EunKyung, Chemical and Biological Engineering
Cosgrill, Margaret, Physics
Duenwald, Sarah, Biomedical
Enderich, Daniel, Physics
Figueroa, Mike, Physics
Franklin-Ford, Travelle, Biomedical
Gupta, Mahima, Physics
Heather Jacobsen, Chemical and Biological Engineering
Hu, Weiwei, Physics
Jelinek Jacob, Physics
Koepsel, Justin, Biomedical
Kondratko, Jaclyn, Orthopedics
Lang, Amanda, Physics
Lehman, Jeremy, Physics
Lyon, Tim, Physics
Maier, Ben, Physics
Mairov, Alex, Physics
Martine, Sean, Physics
Mohr, Robert, Physics
Nollet, Billy, Physics
Nguyen, Eric, Biomedical
Parlato, Matt, Biomedical
Saenrang, Wittawat, Physics
Schroeder, Daniel, Physics
Schulte, Kevin, CBE
Sellers, Steve, Physics
Shen, Zhizhang, Geology
Shi, Zhan, Physics
Sritham, Eakasit
Sweat, Daniel, Organic Chemistry
Wang, Fei, Chemistry
Wang, Xing, Nuclear Engineering
Wilson, Michelle, Chemical and Biological Engineering
Wu, Meng-Yin, Electrical Engineering
Wu, Xian, Physics