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Materials Science at UW-Madison is nationally recognized and is committed to providing leadership in research, education and outreach services. The Department of Materials Science and Engineering offers degrees at both the MS and PhD levels, in a program that is focused toward materials processing and is directed by faculty in the Department. Graduate students select their thesis research topics based on materials and interfaces that involve polymers, superconductors, semiconductors, advanced metals, composites, biomaterials, or ceramics.


Individual faculty research programs are described in the Materials Science and Engineering faculty lists.


A weekly seminar program provides students with an opportunity to hear and meet outstanding materials scientists and engineers from around the world.


Research assistantships generally are available to qualified applicants. Opportunities to obtain teaching assistantships are available, and industrial experience can be acquired through a co-op program. Exceptionally well-qualified applicants are eligible for graduate fellowships.


Admission to either degree program is handled through the Materials Science admissions committee.


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