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Materials Engineering Admissions
University of Wisconsin-Madison
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Fax: 608/262-8353
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Graduate Program in Materials Science and Engineering

Materials science and engineering is both a foundational discipline in engineering and a branch of science at the intersection of physics, chemistry, biology, and related disciplines. The University of Wisconsin offers graduate degrees in materials science and engineering, with a primary focus on Ph.D. students, who perform cutting-edge independent research with the support of their advisors and thesis committee members. A Masters degree is also offered.


All students can expect to be supported as fellows, research assistants, or (in a few rare cases) teaching assistants for the duration of their graduate study in materials at the the University of Wisconsin.

Coursework, exams, and other requirements for students entering graduate school in the Fall of 2016 or later can be found here. Students who enrolled before Fall 2016 can find the two previous sets of requirements in here for the Materials Science Program, and here for Materials Engineering.