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February 4, 2011


For students in other departments seeking a minor in Materials Science and Engineering, the following requirements apply:


1) A minimum of 9 credits of materials science and engineering coursework.


2) A minimum of three courses such that:


 a. All courses are selected from MS&E 351, MS&E 330 and any other MS&E course of level 400 or above;

 b. A maximum of one course is selected from MS&E 351 and MS&E 330

 c. A maximum of three credits of independent study;

 d. A maximum of one course for which transfer credit was awarded.


3) Courses that may not be used include:

 a. Courses taken while enrolled as an undergraduate student at any university, regardless of level;

 b. Research and Thesis credits;

 c. Courses taken on a grading scale other than A-F or equivalent. Courses taken pass/fail or credit/no credit, for which a contribution to the GPA cannot be determined, may not be applied.


4) A GPA of 3.0 must be earned in the courses used to satisfy the minor.


5) Students pursuing the MS&E minor are encouraged, but not required, to take one semester of MS&E 900: Materials Research Seminar.


6) The minor program must be approved by the department chair or a minor chair appointed by the department chair. Students are advised to obtain approval before enrolling in their minor program coursework.