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Research Vision: Materials Design and Control

New forms of synthesis spawn materials and structures that would have been unimagined a generation ago.  The ability to rapidly assess parameter space, to ‘model-it, make-it, test-it’ with high throughput, accelerates the implementation of new materials.  Computer simulations and in-situ characterization provide critical insight into the interrelationships among processing, structure, properties, and performance.  New manufacturing paradigms liberate brilliant new architectures for materials design.

Our vision, then, is to hold Materials Design and Control as the guide for hiring in research.  We seek core expertise in the fundamentals:  thermodynamics, kinetics, synthesis, structure, advanced characterization, processing, and properties, as these relate to Materials Design and Control.  

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Mission:  The Mission of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering is to prepare materials engineers and scientists for contributing in a global workplace and society; to transform the future of human well-being through new materials knowledge and technology; to serve as an economic engine; and to contribute to the good of the state, the nation, and the world.  

Vision:  The department of Materials Science and Engineering will be one that:

1. Educates our students with the foundations of Materials Science and Engineering, upon which they can creatively pursue their individual careers;

2. Boosts the broader community by nurturing future leaders and by promoting confidence, inventiveness, citizenship and enterprise among our students;

3. Fosters creative and scholarly research, and provides leadership in our profession;

4. Fosters resources, cooperation, and relationships among academia and industry;

5. Embraces agility:  we will actively evolve and improve in our execution of this mission and vision;

6. Grows our influence by increasing visibility and enhancing relationships with external partners