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    Kramer Lecture "Dripping, Jetting, Drops and Wetting: the Magic of Microfluids" by Professor David A. Weitz

    Tuesday, September 10

    4:00 PM

    1610 Engineering Hall

    This lecture will discuss the use of microfluidic devicesto precisely control the flow and mixing of fluids tomake drops, and will explore a variety of uses of thesedrops. These drops can be used to create new materialsthat are difficult to synthesize with any other method.These materials have great potential for use forencapsulation and release and for drug delivery.I will also show how the exquisite control affordedby microfluidic devices provides enabling technologyto use droplets as microreactors to perform biologicalreactions at remarkably high rates using very smallquantities of fluids. These are of particular value forperforming very high-throughput screening experiments.I will demonstrate how this can be used for newfundamental and technological applications. 

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