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Fall-Winter 2007-2008

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Joint solutions: University and industry solve welding problems together

Research relationship drives combustion-engine improvements

New ME Building ready for generations of innovation

For students, electric 'sled' is good, clean fun in the snow

Two ME alums honored at 2007 Engineers' Day

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2007-08 Mechanical Engineering Scholarship Recipients

Decorative initial cap More than $151,000 in scholarships were presented to mechanical engineering undergraduates at the annual scholarship awards night October 9. The awards are overseen by the Undergraduate Programs Committee, consisting of Associate Professor Tim Shedd, chair, and Assistant Professors Kevin Turner and Frank Pfefferkorn. (We’d like to thank Carol Aspinwall at Mechanical Engineering Student Services and Lisa Oimoen at the UW Foundation.)

Alstad, Elizabeth—Donald & Emily Henderson Scholarship
Bateman, David—Fauston Prinz Scholarship
Behling, Michael—Fauston Prinz Scholarship
Berg, Devin—Fauston Prinz Scholarship
Bingen, Matthew—Fauston Prinz Scholarship
Bowe, Darin—Benjamin Wu Memorial Scholarship
Boyd, Matthew—Fauston Prinz Scholarship
Bradford, Robert—Richard A. Zevnik Memorial Scholarship
Campbell, James—Uyehara-Myers Scholarship
Carlson, Joshua—Parker-Hannifin Scholarship
Carlson, Matthew—Neitzel-Steinmetz Scholarship
Chan, Koon Yuen Mozart—Fauston Prinz Scholarship
Clary, Brian—Fauston Prinz Scholarship
Cox, Benjamin—Dallas R. Lamont Scholarship
D’Antuono, Marc—David C. Spraker Scholarship
Davenport, Daniel—John Kayser Scholarship
Denissen, Ryan—Robert J. Sandberg Scholarship
Duaime, Jennifer—Donald A. Furstenberg Scholarship
Dudley, Brandon—Ronald L. Daggett Memorial Scholarship
Durkee, Edward—Neitzel-Steinmetz Scholarship
Eichinger, Kevin—Fauston Prinz Scholarship
Erlein, Stephen—DeNoyer Scholarship Fund
Erlein, Stephen—Gary & Marlene Borman Scholarship
Feldman, John—Ben G. Elliott Scholarship
Feng, Shiming—Fauston Prinz Scholarship
Feyereisen, William—Fauston Prinz Scholarship
Figuered, Joshua—Fauston Prinz Scholarship
Flask, Charles—Fauston Prinz Scholarship
Frischmann, Michael—Fauston Prinz Scholarship
Gander, Aaron—Fauston Prinz Scholarship
Gander, Adam—Fauston Prinz Scholarship
Gatz, Michelle—Fauston Prinz Scholarship
Goetz, Joshua—William J. Landman Scholarship
Guldan, Nick—Ben G. Elliott Scholarship
Haas, Bryan—Bernard & Frances Weideman Scholarship
Heyn, Toby—Citgo Scholarship
Hoffert, David—Lewis Raymond Brown Scholarship
Huppler, Lillian—Gustav A. Rehm Scholarship
Jasperson, Benjamin—Archie Easton SAE Scholarship
Kaufman, Andrew—Fauston Prinz Scholarship
Keene, Joseph—Bernard & Frances Weideman Scholarship
Kewer, William—Fauston Prinz Scholarship
Kirchoff, Sarah—Fauston Prinz Scholarship
Klesius, Brian—Fauston Prinz Scholarship
Knauf, Stefanie—John & Roberta Mink Scholarship
Kobs, William—Fauston Prinz Scholarship
Kriel, Tony—Fauston Prinz Scholarship
Kujak, Michael—Ben G. Elliott Scholarship
Kuzan, Andrew—ASHRAE-Gustus L. Larson Scholarship

Lachowsky, Devin—Gilbert & Genevieve Buske Scholarship
Ladwig, Daniel—ASHRAE-Gustus L. Larson Scholarship
Ladwig, Daniel—Carl C. Crane Scholarship
Laison, Alfin—Fauston Prinz Scholarship
Lehrer, Kathryn—John A. Dickie Scholarship
Lewis, Brandon—Fauston Prinz Scholarship
Liu, Michael—Fauston Prinz Scholarship
Maloney, Daniel—Fauston Prinz Scholarship
Mantovano, Gianluca—Fauston Prinz Scholarship
Mantovano, Gianluca—John H. Johnson Scholarship
Mauermann, Jacob—Fauston Prinz Scholarship
Mauermann, Jacob—John S. Nelson Scholarship
Mauermann, Philip—Fauston Prinz Scholarship
McComber, Scott—Fauston Prinz Scholarship
McNeilly, Adam—David C. Spraker Scholarship
McNichols, Colin—Fauston Prinz Scholarship
Meighen, Colin—Fauston Prinz Scholarship
Mueller, Samuel—Fauston Prinz Scholarship
Nayes, Jessica—Fauston Prinz Scholarship
Nernberger, Kroy—Donald & Emily Henderson Scholarship
Neuworth, Alex—Fauston Prinz Scholarship
Olson, Brian—ASHRAE-Gustus L. Larson Scholarship
Olson, Brian—Charles A. Gilpin Memorial Scholarship
Omernick, Mark—Fauston Prinz Scholarship
Opotowsky III, Maurice—Berbee & Walsh Scholarship
Polley, Nolan—Joseph & Donald Livermore Scholarship
Popelka, Michael—Fauston Prinz Scholarship
Rakovec, Nicholas—Richard E. Rogers Scholarship
Romens, Alissa—Carl & Carolyn Rowe Scholarship
Romens, Alissa—WV Distinguished Scholarship
Rucks, Luke—Fauston Prinz Scholarship
Sauer, Nicole—Donald & Emily Henderson Scholarship
Sawan, Mohamed—Fauston Prinz Scholarship
Schacherl, Jeffrey—Paul & Virginia Weber Scholarship
Schmitt, Kyle—David M. Ver Hagen Scholarship
Schumacher, Ben—Fauston Prinz Scholarship
Schwanke, Jason—Rodney R. Brotz Memorial Scholarship
Shirey, Robert—ASHRAE-Gustus L. Larson Scholarship
Shirey, Robert—Fauston Prinz Scholarship
Simon, Kathryn—Edward F. Obert Scholarship
Smith, Eric—Fauston Prinz Scholarship
Springer, Mitchell—David M. Ver Hagen Scholarship
Thomas, Andrew—Boeing Scholarship
Timmons Jr., Terry—Fauston Prinz Scholarship
Veeder, Jacob—Fauston Prinz Scholarship
Weaver, Raymond—Donald J. Esser Scholarship
Xu, Toby—Joseph & Donald Livermore Scholarship
Yu, Bingyi—Fauston Prinz Scholarship
Zoerb, Ryan—Theodore Miller Scholarship


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