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$550,000 General Motors Grant to Aid ME Research Centers

A $550,000 grant from General Motors will aid research activities primarily in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, according to an announcement made by GM in November. The five-year gift to the College of Engineering will fund activities in four areas of particular interest to the company: engineering diversity programs, the Engine Research Center (ERC), Powertrain Control Research Laboratory, and the Spatial Automation Laboratory. The center and labs are all part of ME .

The grant will provide $110,000 a year for five years. Of this amount, 20 percent will be used to recruit and retain underrepresented minorities and women in engineering. The rest will be split among the three research groups: the Engine Research Center will receive $40,667 per year, the Powertrain Control Research Laboratory will receive $18,000 per year, and the Spatial Automation Laboratory will receive $29,333 per year. This funding supports two General Motors fellowships, one in the ERC and a second in the Spatial Automation Laboratory.

It also provides for two General Motors undergraduate fellowships in the ERC and substantial equipment and facility upgrades in the ERC and the Powertrain Research Control Lab. Professor Pat Farrell is currently the director of the ERC, Professor John Moskwa directs the Powertrain Lab, and Associate Professor Vadim Shapiro directs the Spatial Automation Lab.

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