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Student "Road Warriors" Capture E-Week Trophy

FutureTruck and the SAE Formula teams joined forces as Road Warriors to sweep the competition during Engineers Week sponsored by Polygon Engineering Councilin February. Various student teams competed for points in such events as sumo wrestling, tug-o'-war, capture the flag, pie tossing, the "Who Wants to be an Engineer?" game show, and "Eweekopoly." At the end of the week, the Road Warriors had won the trophy as well as a computer and printer donated by Dell.

ASME sponsored the Eweekopoly game in Engineering Hall as their own adaptation of the popular Monopoly game, but with an engineering campus slant and on a giant scale. The playing board was a 20 foot by 20 foot square, and all property names were the various engineering buildings, Union South, and local restaurants. Property cards were made out of poster board, money and community chest and chance cards from paper and cardstock. Teams provided their own game pieces which included a bike helmet and a balloon cow. Houses and hotels were represented by red and green balloons. Like most such games, it lasted four hours.

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