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John Moskwa has been promoted from Associate Professor to Professor. Polygon Engineering Council has announced the winner of their annual teaching excellence award for Mechanical Engineering as Lecturer Fred Reames.

Professor Robert Lorenz has been selected as an Outstanding Instructor for the National Technological University (NTU) based on student evaluations. Lorenz is one of nearly 700 instructors from 50 leading engineering schools who teach distance learning for NTU.

Professor Sanford Klein has been elected as a Fellow of the American Solar Energy Society. He was inducted at the society's June meeting in Madison.

Professor John Moskwa has received the Vilas Associate Award from the UW Graduate School. The award is a two-year appointment and provides flexible research funding.
El-Wakil in front of the Pyramids

Bill and Betty El-Wakil in front of the Great Pyramids of Giza, outside of Cairo. (16K JPG)

Emeritus Professor Mohamed (Bill) El-Wakil has been appointed Adjunct Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Cairo University, Egypt, where he will be helping to plan a university-wide institute of energy engineering. He has already conducted a workshop on the EES and FEHT programs for faculty and students there. He expects to make brief visits once or twice a year. Professor El-Wakil was also appointed Adjunct Professor of Nuclear Engineering at Alexandria University last year; Alexandria, Egypt, is his home city. Cairo University is where he received his BS degree in mechanical engineering.

In February, Professor A. Jeffrey Giacomin traveled to Texas from Singapore to be master of ceremonies at a surprise banquet roast for UW Emeritus Professor of Chemical Engineering R. Byron Bird. Giacomin is currently on sabbatical at the National University of Singapore. The banquet was part of a symposium in honor of Prof. Bird at Texas A&M University.

Professor Robert Lorenz is the vice-president/president-elect of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering's Applications Society. This society has more than 14,000 members. He is also the technical program chairman of the IEEE IAS 2000 meeting that will be held in Rome in October. Lorenz will be on sabbatical from the ME department for the 2000-01 academic year while he serves as SEW Eurodrive Guest Professor in Aachen, Germany.

Assistant Professor Vadim Shapiro and graduate student Horea Ilies have been granted a patent for "Methods and Apparata for Shaping Moving Geometric Shapes."

Professor David Foster has accepted an appointment on the National Research Council's Committee to Review the Department of Energy's Heavy Duty Vehicle Technologies Program.

Professor Donald Ermer has been elected a Fellow of the Society by the Board of Directors of the American Society of Quality.

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