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Professor DeVries is Head of a Prestigious International Society

Marvin F. DeVries

Marvin F. DeVries
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Professor Marvin DeVries is serving as president of the International Institution for Production Engineering Research, an exclusive and prestigious society of researchers. Called CIRP, from its French initials, the organization's purpose is to "promote international collaborative research into manufacturing processing methods, including the enhancement of production efficiency and quality of work."

Begun 50 years ago as a European organization, the society now has a worldwide membership limited to 175 active members, or fellows, who are all internationally-recognized scientists or engineers. ME Chair, Professor Neil Duffie, is also a member; membership is limited to no more than 15 representatives per country.

As CIRP president, DeVries enjoys the distinction of being one of the few Americans to hold the post for the European-dominated group. DeVries stresses that "quality, not quantity" is the criteria for CIRP fellows who are mostly in academia in highly responsible positions. "We do professional networking, helping deal with problems, but also with collegiality, dealing with each other on a personal level."

DeVries's presidential duties include presiding at CIRP meetings at their Paris headquarters, developing the society's strategic plan, and overseeing the annual general assembly, which will be in Sydney, Australia, this August. n

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