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Scholarship Night Awards Total $140,000

Thanks to the generosity of 50 alumni, faculty, and friends of the ME department, 79 undergraduate students will find it easier to pay for their college educations. A total of $140,000 was handed out in scholarships that ranged from a few hundred dollars to several thousand each on the 24th Annual ME Scholarship Night in September.

New department Chair Neil Duffie presided over the presentations that were often made by the contributors themselves. Since establishing a scholarship in 1985 in memory of her late husband, Richard E. Rogers (BS'50), Margaret Rogers has attended Scholarship Night every year to present the award and meet the recipient. For several of these years, she lived in the state of Oregon yet still managed to attend.
Scholarship award winner

Margaret Rogers presents the Rogers Design Scholarship to Kristina Jensen, a senior ME student from Hopkins. (18K JPG)

There were two new ME scholarships this year. The Esser Scholarship was presented by its donor, Donald Esser of Milwaukee. Professor Glen Myers presented the new DeNoyer Scholarship since the donor, Irene DeNoyer of Camarillo, California, could not be present. Myers read a message to the recipient provided by DeNoyer that said in part, "If you are happy to receive it, let me say I am even happier to have accomplished my lifetime goal of giving back something to the people of Wisconsin to show my appreciation for three DeNoyer kids from Beloit who got a good, low-cost university education here in the 1930s."

Professor Myers is the chair of the faculty undergraduate scholarship committee and is responsible for handling details of the program and organizing the yearly presentations along with Scholarship Secretary Linda Aaberg and Lynda Litzkow. Myers said, "While attendance at Scholarship Night is not mandatory for donors, the students do appreciate meeting them, and donors enjoy meeting the students as well as other donors and faculty."

A thank you letter written by one student recipient to the donor of his scholarship read as follows: "This scholarship will not only help me financially, but also demonstrates how my hard work can pay off in the short run. I think that it is wonderful that people like you realize how hard it is to pay for college and decide to help."

Although the majority of the students receiving scholarships in the department are Wisconsin residents, reflecting the student enrollment, other recipients included one each from Indonesia, Pakistan, Malaysia, and France as well as 10 from Minnesota, and one each from Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, and North Carolina.

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