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Professor Emeritus Phil Myers and Jean Myers Give $1 Million to ME Department

Retired ME Professor Phil Myers and his wife, Jean, have donated a million dollars to the UW Foundation to benefit the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Professor Myers' employer for 44 years. The couple have designated the funds to be used to "increase the national stature and ranking of the Department of Mechanical Engineering or its successor."
Jean and Phil Myers

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To further that goal, the Myers have specified part of the donation to endow a named professorship, the Phil and Jean Myers Professorship. The professorship will be accompanied by a cash award and two permanently-funded graduate fellowships. The second part of the donation will provide operating funds for the Myers Automotive Laboratory, to be located in the planned Engineering Students Center Building adjacent to the ME Building. Construction of the Center building is tentatively scheduled to begin sometime in the year 2000.

The Myers Professorship will be held by the recipient for a five-year period The award may be given repeatedly, but not successively, to the same individual. Professor Myers said that he hoped the professorship could be an attraction for outstanding outside faculty candidates who might consider coming to the department, as well as incentive for exceptional current faculty to continue in the department.

Myers said that he wanted to donate operating funds for the Centers building lab because ME alum Fred Mancheski ('48) had already given $2 million to set up the lab and graciously name it after Myers, so he wanted to help it on its way with a donation as well.

Myers is humble when explaining his generous gift to the ME department. "I'm fortunate. I enjoy what I've been doing, and I wanted to do something for the department." He hopes that his donation will encourage others to do the same.

Although Myers officially retired from ME in 1986, he has remained quite active in his profession and comes in to his office in the Engineering Research Building frequently. He continues to do consulting work with outside clients and with the Engine Research Center. "I `flunked retirement,' my wife likes to say," said Myers. A native of Kansas, he came to the UW in 1942 as an instructor, after having earned bachelor's degrees from McPherson College and Kansas State. Although he had intended to become a sales engineer, he found himself earning a PhD in mechanical engineering in 1947 while he was working as an ME instructor. His thesis was on diesel combustion.

Myers has fond memories of holding an unusual joint appointment and sharing graduate students with fellow faculty member Otto Uyehara for 43 years while conducting joint research in thermodynamics, heat transfer, and fluid flow phenomena. He also was selected to chair the faculty committees in charge of the construction of the Engineering Research Building as well as Union South and the Wendt Engineering Library.

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