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Professor Marvin F. DeVries has been elected the 1999-2000 president of CIRP, the International Institution for Production Engineering Research, a Paris, France-based technical society. Members of CIRP are world leaders in the research and underlying science for advanced manufacturing technology. DeVries is also the president of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers.

Professor Neil A. Duffie has been elected a member of CIRP (International Institution for Production Research). Membership in this institution is limited to 15 members or fewer per country.

Both Professor David E. Foster and Professor Jay K. Martin have been elected Fellows of SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers).

Professor Robert D. Lorenz has been elected as one of six Distinguished Lecturers of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. During the next two years, he will be invited to deliver lectures to chapters of the IEEE worldwide.

The Semiconductor Research Corporation has named Professor Roxann L. Engelstad as a 1999 recipient of the Aristotle Award, given to "recognize SRC-supported faculty whose deep commitment to the educational experience of SRC students has had a profound and continuing impact on their professional performance." Engelstad received her award at a conference in Austin, Texas, in September.

Professor David E. Foster is again serving on the National Peer Review Committee for the Partnership for a New Generation of Vehicles, a program that allows cooperation of the big three automobile manufacturers to work together to develop a "super car." Foster has also been selected to receive an SAE presentation award for a paper he presented last year, "Exploring the Limits of Improving DI Diesel Emissions by Increasing In-Cylinder Mixing." His co-author was his PhD student, Eric Kurtz.

Professor William A. Beckman represented the U.S. at the International Energy Agency, Task 26 on Solar CombiSystems (combined solar space heating and domestic hot water) in Stuttgart, Germany, in October.

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers International has awarded a certificate of appreciation to Professor Rajit Gadh in thanks for his service as Chair of the Design for Manufacturability Committee.

The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers has presented Professor John W. Mitchell with the Journal Paper Award as co-author of the article, "Energy Savings from Pump Impeller Trimming," published in the ASHRAE Journal last year.

Professor Rolf D. Reitz has been elected Chairman of the Institute of Liquid Atomization and Spraying Systems. Reitz has also co-founded a new journal, the International Journal of Engine Research, to publish original papers on experimental and analytical studies of engine technology. His co-editors are at universities in England and Japan.

Professor Donald S. Ermer was guest speaker on total quality earlier this year at the Sixth International Symposium of Industrial Engineering sponsored by the Monterrey Institute of Technology in Toluca, Mexico, and also at the 1999 Expo Manufactura in Monterrey, Mexico. In August, Ermer taught a two-week course on TQM at the University of Technology Thonburi, Bangkok,Thailand, and a lecture at the National University of Singapore.

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