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ERC Adds New Supercomputer to its Equipment

The Engine Research Center has acquired a new state-of-the-art supercomputer, the Silicon Graphics Origin 2000, to do work on engine simulation research. ERC Director Professor Jay K. Martin said that the new computer is four to five times faster and can handle bigger jobs than the ERC's Cray J90 supercomputer. It uses 32 processors compared to eight in the Cray and has more complex physics and more accuracy.

The arrival of the new $1.4 million supercomputer was the result of a cooperative funding agreement among a major ERC sponsor, TACOM; the state of Wisconsin; and SGI, the manufacturer. (SGI purchased Cray several years ago. The ERC's Origin 2000 is the only one to be produced in Chippewa Falls, WI.) As part of the agreement, after 18 months, SGI will update the computer's technology. Users of the machine will include ERC researchers and graduate students, state employees, and SGI representatives.

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