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Team Paradigm Comes Home with First Place Trophy

A team of UW engineering students, including many from ME, tied for first place in last summer's FutureCar Challenge in Michigan. With their re-engineered aluminum Ford Taurus, Team Paradigm doubled the over-the-road fuel efficiency without sacrificing safety, comfort and performance. The students competed in a year-long 13-team effort to share top honors with Virginia Tech. In a series of road tests, the UW team demonstrated the equivalent of 75 miles per gallon compared to an unmodified, gasoline-powered vehicle that turned in a 37 mile per gallon performance. The team also received the first-ever "Innovations in Aluminum Award" from the Aluminum Association. The car weighed 2,976 pounds, the first entry in FutureCar history to go below the 3,000-pound mark.

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