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The Curtiss TS biplane in the ME Lobby.

The Curtiss TS biplane in the ME Lobby. (11K JPG)

The model of the Lindbergh plane, as it's been called, that once hung in the two-story lobby of the ME building was not the "Spirit of St. Louis" at all. In fact, according to Professor Emeritus William Feiereisen, the airplane suspended there was a model of a Curtiss TS, a biplane designed by the Naval Aircraft Factory. Lindbergh's plane was a monoplane and looked considerably different. Feiereisen said that there was once a large painting of Lindbergh displayed on the west wall of the ME lobby at the time, and people probably just connected the two. The Curtiss biplane was removed from the lobby about 1960.
Former ME student Charles Lindbergh.

Former ME student Charles Lindbergh. (36K JPG)

It is true that Charles A. Lindbergh was a student in the ME department for two or three semesters in 1920-21. However, he wasn't a successful student and was asked to seek other endeavors. So he went to flying school, and in 1927 he made a famous flight to Paris. In recognition of that achievement, the UW did present Lindbergh with an honorary doctor of laws degree in 1928, three years before construction of the current ME building.

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