APRIL 1998

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Faculty News

Associate Professor Leslie M. Smith has joined the ME faculty and the UW Mathematics faculty from Yale University's Mechanical Engineering Department. She will be teaching a math class.

Professor Sanford A. Klein was elected to the grade of Fellow at the winter meeting of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers. The Fellow designation recognizes distinction in the arts and sciences of environmental technology. The Engineering Equation Solver program developed by Prof. Klein is now being distributed by the WCB/McGraw-Hill Publishing Company.

The ME Department's Engine Research Center hosted the ASME Fall Technical Conference, Internal Combustion Engine Division, in Madison. Associate Professor Christopher J. Rutland was the local coordinator. The conference's theme was "Predictive Engine Design, Validation, and Experiment."

Professor Robert D. Lorenz has been elected a Fellow of the IEEE; the citation is for the advancement of the application of modern control design theory to AC drives.

The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) has named Professor Rolf D. Reitz a Fellow and has presented him with the Forest McFarland Award. The Forest McFarland Award recognizes individuals who have rendered outstanding service in the organization of technical sessions and papers for SAE meetings and conferences.

Last October, Professor William A. Beckman attended an International Energy Agency planning meeting in Graz, Austria to begin a new task in solar "Combi Systems" which are a combination of solar domestic hot water and house heating systems. In November, Beckman gave an ASME distinguished lecture in Manhattan on "The Prospects for Solar Energy in a Deregulated Energy Market."

ME Department Chair Professor Kenneth W. Ragland and Emeritus Professor Gary L. Borman have authored a textbook entitled Combustion Engineering. The book has been published as of February by McGraw-Hill.

Professor Donald S. Ermer received the Engineers Council Distinguished Engineering Education Achievement Award for 1998 in Mission Hills, California, on February 28. He was cited for guiding many students and corporations in the Deming philosophy since 1981 and for teaching university and industry students the fundamentals of the quality improvement process over three decades. The Engineers Council is a non-profit California corporation to further the growth of engineering. Among the other award winners were Anthony Spear, designer of the Mars land vehicles and Major General Richard Engel, commander of the USAF Flight Test Center at Edwards Air Force Base.

Professor John W. Mitchell, as co-author of "Simulation of a Single Vertical U-Tube Ground Heat Exchanger in an Infinite Medium," has been selected to receive an ASHRAE Best Symposium Paper Award. The presentation will occur at the society's annual meeting in Toronto on June 20.

The Society of Manufacturing Engineers will present its 1998 Education Award to Professor Marvin F. DeVries at the awards banquets on May 30 in Cleveland. DeVries is honored for "outstanding contributions to manufacturing teaching and development of manufacturing-related curricula" for more than 30 years. An SME Fellow, DeVries has been an SME member since 1960.

In January, Lecturer Kim J. Manner's textbook 3-D Visualization for Engineering Graphics was published by Prentice Hall. His co-authors are S.A. Sorby and B.J. Baartmans from Michigan Technological University.

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