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Annual Scholarship Night Awards $92,000

In an annual event that pairs undergraduate students with some of their benefactors, the Mechanical Engineering Scholarship Night saw $92,000 change hands. Associate Department Chair John W. Mitchell presided over the awarding of scholarships on September 18.
Slide Rule Scholarship donars and recipient

Three of the "Slide Rule Scholarship" donors from the class of 1942 pose with recipient Scott McKenzie. They are Harry Thies, Herman Luedtke, and Carl Wulff. (22K JPG)

This year 44 sponsors, whose numbers included ME alumni, faculty, corporations, and assorted relatives and friends, funded scholarships for 86 students. Several donors traveled great distances to present their scholarships in person.

New this year was the "Slide Rule Scholarship" from eight alumni of the ME class of 1942 (profiled in a recent newsletter). In addition to the check and certificate, they presented Scott McKenzie, a senior from Plymouth, WI, an actual slide rule and taught him and other students how to use it during the social hour following the scholarship presentations.

Also new this year was the Uyehara and Myers scholarship from two retired ME professors. Prof. Otto A. Uyehara was a ME faculty member for 37 years, retiring in 1982. Prof. Phillip S. Myers was a faculty member for 44 years who retired in 1986. Professors Uyehara and Myers collaborated on internal combustion engine research at the UW beginning in 1942.

Scholarships presented during the evening ranged from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. Some corporate donors also included internships.

If you would like to make a donation for future ME scholarships, please contact Ed Manuel or Julie J. Rae at the UW Foundation, P.O. Box 8860, Madison, WI 53708-8860.

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