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Professor Donald S. Ermer has won the Edward J. Oakley award from the American Society for Quality Control, recognizing "his commitment, persistence, and constancy of purpose in promoting total quality, and for his teaching many university and industry students the fundamentals of quality control over three decades."

Assistant Professor Rajit Gadh has been designated an NSF-Lucent Industrial Ecology Fellow for a second year.

Professor Marvin F. DeVries has been elected to the Board of CIRP, the International Institution of Production Engineering Research. DeVries has also been asked by the National Research Council to serve a three-year term as an evaluator of the NIST (National Institute for Science and Technology) Manufacturing Laboratories, a U.S. government lab. In addition, DeVries has been asked to serve for a third year on a panel that selects candidates for Fulbright professorships in France, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

Professor Rolf D. Reitz's group has won the Society of Automotive Engineers Horning Memorial award for the best paper relating to the mutual adaptation of fuels and internal combustion engines. The paper was entitled "Mechanisms of Soot and NOx Emission Reduction Using Multiple-Injection in a Diesel Engine," by Z. Han, A. Uludogan, G. Hampson, and R. Reitz. Reitz has also been elected vice-chair of the Institute of Liquid Atomization and Spraying Systems for North and South America.

Professor John W. Mitchell has received a distinguished service award from the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). Mitchell is a recognized expert in the efficient use of energy in buildings and solar energy. He is currently an associate editor of ASHRAE's International Journal of HVAC&R Research.

During the summer, Professor William A. Beckman shared his expertise with colleagues in Asia. He lectured on solar energy in China to their Academy of Science, and attended the International Solar Energy Society (ISES) Congress in Korea. There he presented a plenary lecture,"The Impact on an Electric Utility of an Ensemble of Solar Domestic Hot Water Systems." He and a former student, Dr. A. Al-Ibrahim, presented papers from the Solar Energy Laboratory. Beckman was also elected an honorary director of ISES.

At the IEEE, Industry Applications Society Annual Meeting in October, Professor Robert D. Lorenz and his associates received two prize paper awards. From the Industrial Power Converter Technical Committee, they received an award for the paper, "Analysis and Design of Current Regulators Using Complex Vectors," F. Briz, M.W. Degner, R.D. Lorenz; and from the Industrial Drives Committee, the paper, "Using Multiple Saliencies for the Estimation of Flux, Position, and Velocity in AC Machines," M.W. Degner, R.D. Lorenz. Mike Degner is an ME PhD dissertator, and Fernando Briz was a post-doctoral visitor under Lorenz from the University of Oviedo, Spain. The second paper is a further development of Lorenz's "self-sensing" technology. So far, he has won three prize paper awards from the IEEE, IAS on this technology.

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