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Yu-Sun Tang (MS'48) e-mails that "out of a dull retirement life," he recently published another book, Boiling Heat Transfer and Two Phase Flow (Taylor & Francis, 3/97). It was co-authored by Long-Sun Tong who happens to be his brother and was the original author of the book's first edition. The subject is closely related to the work he did in the thermal hydraulics of nuclear reactors during his challenging career.
ME class of 1947

Members of the ME class of 1947 and their spouses gathered for their 50-year reunion during Alumni Weekend on May 10. In the front are Clarence and Jean Burg. In the second row are host Emeritus Prof. Phil Myers, Jack and LaVerne Killian, Walter Friedman, and Nile Sweet. In row three are Robert and Lorna Skrivseth, Marvin and Barbara Watts, Jim and Nelda Harris, and Roger and Virginia Laughlin. In the fourth row are Joseph Spradling, Dan Orloff, Harold May, Gordon and Joyce Schroeder, Bill Stueber, and Dan Frank. In the back row are Wayne Giddings, Jacqueline and George Batker, James and Merle Woodburn, and James and Doris Gorton. (37K JPG)

Don Liska (MS'54) and his wife Alice are retired and living near Santa Fe, NM. Bringing us up-to-date, he writes that after graduation he was drafted during the Korean conflict but never went there. He writes that "despite the excellent education from UW," he emerged two years later as a PFC. He spent ten years of exciting work in aerospace at Hughes-Culver City and Boeing-Seattle before settling down as an accelerator engineer at Los Alamos National Laboratory. During the 27 years he spent there, he also did mountaineering and world travel. He and his wife climbed many peaks over a span of 45 years, an avocation that began with the Hoofers Mountaineering Club from 1952-54.

Gordon Putney (BS'62, MS'71), e-mails that he was promoted to principal research engineer at Snap-on Tools in May. He works on new power tools in product research. Gordon and his wife Carmen Niemi Putney educated their three sons at the UW and all three now work in the Upper Midwest.

Palmer Stiles (BS'63) received his MSME from the University of Illinois in 1972 and has been an assistant professor of mechanical engineering at Florida Tech in Melbourne since 1980. His primary research interest is flying autos and roadable aircraft. He has done historical research, speaking across the country, privately published a book, and written several papers on the subject. He says that he and his college roommate, Joel Oman, visited campus last summer for the first time in about 25 years, and they could still recognize about six names on the faculty mailboxes.

Steven R. Marcus (BS'83) and his wife Evelyn have been living in Bolingbrook, IL since 1991. He e-mails that he is currently employed as an environmental project engineer at Austeel Lemont, and that he is a member of the Steel Manufacturers Association, the Illinois Steel Group, and the Association of Iron and Steel Engineers.

After graduation, Bryan McCranner (BS'89) went to work for Boeing in Seattle for six years, first working on the B-1 bomber avionics program, then designing commercial aircraft cockpit interior trim. He e-mails that he is now living in Holland, MI working at Prince Corporation, designing automotive interiors for the 1999 Pontiac Bonneville. He is also finishing an MBA degree program that he began in Seattle.

Barton Heldke (BS'92, MS'93) has been working at Ford Motor Company since graduation. He is now a product design engineer in performance luxury body engineering, working on the new DEW98 entry-level Lincoln. He writes via e-mail, "I can say that my employment here at Ford is directly related to my interest in the Hybrid Electric Vehicle Project that I participated in at its inception. Taking the time to join technical clubs and organizations is critical to making a difference and getting the experience needed to promote yourself to a recruiter." Heldke lives in Dearborn and is active in the UW Alumni Club of Detroit. He invites Detroit-area alumni to contact him at

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