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ME Graduates Receive Grainger Outstanding Power Engineering Student Award

The first Grainger Outstanding Power Engineering Student Awards have been presented to three MS ME graduates who have done their studying as outreach students. The students, who worked with Wisconsin Electric Machines and Power Electronics Consortium (WEMPEC) are Kurt Jaeger who will be taking a position with Laser Machining, Inc. in Somerset, WI; Vivek Karandikar who works at Beloit Corp.; and Kevin Payette who works at Hi Tech Control, Inc., of Green Bay.

Ricahrd Tejeda

Ricahrd Tejeda
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The new Grainger awards are designed to reward highly qualified and motivated students who study electric machines and drive systems, industrial motion control, power electronics and electric power systems. The awards are worth $5,000 each and are funded by the Grainger Foundation, whose president is David W. Grainger, a frequent and generous donor to the College of Engineering. Professor Robert D. Lorenz was a member of the awards committee.

NSF Graduate Fellowship Awarded

Richard Tejeda has been selected to receive a National Science Foundation graduate fellowship award. The fellowship will provide a maximum tenure of three years support. Tejeda, a Madison native, is working with Prof. Engelstad in the Center for NanoTechnology and is a teaching assistant in the ME 240 Dynamics class.

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