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Jaal B. Ghandhi

Jaal B. Ghandhi
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Assistant Professor Jaal B. Ghandhi came to Mechanical Engineering in January 1995 after receiving his PhD from Princeton University. He earned his BS ('86) and MS ('88) degrees in mechanical engineering from UW-Madison.

Ghandhi teaches undergraduate courses in fluid mechanics and heat transfer and graduate courses in combustion (ME 569 and ME 769) and advanced instrumentation. He is an active member of the Engine Research Center and his primary research interests are focused on experimental investigations of chemically reacting systems. Currently he is involved in fundamental studies of mixing, and the mixedness of reactants on combustion performance. Both of these effects are significant for engines using direct fuel injection. He carries out these fundamental studies in idealized geometries with state-of-the-art laser diagnostics for detailed measurements.

Additionally, Ghandhi complements these investigations with applied engine experiments of direct-injection through his involvement with the Wisconsin Small Engine Consortium. Engine tests are done to determine the requirements for two-stroke engines to improve the performance of these engines while reducing polluting hydrocarbon emissions. Other projects involve studies of the gas flow in two-stroke engines and research on lubrication and oil consumption in heavy duty diesel engines.

A Milwaukee native, Prof. Ghandhi has a long legacy with the the ME Department; both his father (B.K. Ghandhi PhD '59) and brother (J.B. Ghandhi BS '81, PhD '91) are alumni of the department. In his spare time, Ghandhi and his wife Kristin enjoy hiking, biking, and kayaking, and he practices the art of zymurgy (beer-making).

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