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Outreach Offers Video Packages to Keep Working Engineers in the Forefront of Latest Developments

Working engineers can now order videotaped courses from the UW Office of Engineering Outreach office that will teach them the latest technology and research in their fields. The 700-numbered courses are at the PhD level, and, according to Professor Robert D. Lorenz, who teaches some of them, offer the latest information that flows out of UW research. "We have the leading program in the U.S. in electromechanics and controls," said Lorenz. Professor Neil Duffie also teaches in the program.

The tapes can be used for corporate in-house training or at home for a student's own information or master's degree study.

Helene Demont, program coordinator for the outreach office, said that the videotapes are made in graduate classes on campus, recording the instruction by resident faculty members as it occurs in front of a class. Each package course contains a complete set of videotapes and all written materials including notes, assignments, solutions, and laboratory discs.

If an engineer wants to earn a complete master's degree via these distance education tapes, said Demont, he/she must apply to the UW-Madison Graduate School, and after acceptance, begin earning credit through at-home study, regardless of where that is. The class professor will assign a teaching assistant to monitor off-campus students and to be available for questions through e-mail or by phone.

At this time, a mechanical engineering master's degree in the controls area is offered with the following course titles:

ME/ECE 739Advanced Automation & Robotics
ME 747 Advanced Computer Control of Machines & Processes
ME 446 Automatic Controls
ME 447 Computer Control of Machines & Processes
ME 547 Design of Computer Control Systems
ME 746 Dynamics of Controlled Systems
ECE 377 Intro. to Electromechanical Power Conversion

Additional electrical engineering courses are also available in the power electronics area.

For information or to receive a course catalog, please contact Helene Demont at 608/262-5516 or 888/661-9551 or The Engineering Outreach Program website is at

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