FALL SEMESTER 1996 -- VOL. 1 / NO. 1
A newsletter for alumni, students, and friends of the Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Message From the Chair

Kenneth W. Ragland

Kenneth W. Ragland
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Welcome to the inaugural issue of our ME departmental newsletter for alumni and friends. We want to tell you some of the good things that are happening in the department. First, a few statistics.

Currently we have 525 undergraduate MEs and 214 graduate students taught by 26 tenured professors, seven assistant professors, two adjunct professors, and five lecturers, all ably assisted by seven administrative and laboratory staff.

Our departmental mission is to educate undergraduate students in engineering fundamentals and applications through creation, integration, and transfer of knowledge relevant to mechanical engineering. We are committed to excellence at the BS, MS, and PhD levels, and specifically pledge to 1) develop educational processes that create leaders in mechanical engineering and society, 2) maintain global leadership in several key research and development areas, 3) strengthen a broad, industrially relevant master degree program, and 4) improve the financial foundation of our mechanical engineering education and research programs.

We are currently clarifying our educational objectives and devising assessment methods for evaluating the effectiveness of the ME undergraduate learning experience. I hope this newsletter will stimulate you to reflect on your undergraduate experience--how well did it serve to launch your career, what were the best aspects of your ME education, and what was missing? What are the most important qualities you seek in new hires?

I would be pleased to have your input as we move forward with this assessment process.

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