University of Wisconsin Madison College of Engineering

Multiphase flow and heat transfer



The Mechanical Engineering Department has very strong efforts in the study of multiphase flow and heat transfer. The Multiphase Flow Visualization and Analysis Laboratory (MFVAL), led by Prof. Timothy Shedd has a number of facilities dedicated to the study of internal vapor-liquid flow, nucleation and evaporation and contact line motion. The MFVAL also studies atomization, jet breakup and droplet impingement extensively. Prof. Mario Trujillo directs the Multiphase Computation Fluid Dynamics (MCFD) group that studies atomization, droplet impingement, evaporation and condensation, as well as free jet, boiling jet and plunging jet behavior. The MCFD group performs their studies analytically and numerically, with experimental support from colleagues at the UW-Madison and elsewhere. Significant experimental and computational work in spray atomization, vaporization and impingement is undertaken by the Engine Research Center as well. Collaborators in Nuclear Engineering and Engineering Physics work on such problems as natural convection in two-phase systems, thermosyphons, flow boiling and critical heat flux.