University of Wisconsin Madison College of Engineering

ME Undergraduate Research Fellowship



  • Encourage undergraduate students to participate in cutting-edge research
  • Provide a glimpse of graduate studies
  • Prepare for industrial research and engineering


  • Cumulative grade-point average of 3.3
  • At least 2 semesters and no more than 5 semesters to graduate
  • If awarded fellowship:
    1. Completion of at least 6 credits over 2 semesters of ME 489, with at least a "B"
    2. Must present research at the ME symposium (twice)
    3. Must present results at Lindberg lecture (once)


  • Support up to $5000 towards tuition and $2000 towards research expenses
  • Awarded twice per year to as many as 5 students each semester (depending on budget)

Application process

Deadlines to submit application

  • Fall semester: 3rd Friday of November, 3:00 PM
  • Spring semester: 3rd Friday of April, 3:00 PM


ME Undergraduate Scholarship Application

Scholarships in variable amounts are available to mechanical engineering undergraduate students and to Engineering General Resources (EGR) undergraduate students expecting to be admitted to the ME department for the term of the scholarship. Many awards are based on academic merit and not on financial need. Visit Scholarships@UW-Madison to find and apply for scholarships.