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For pre-department status and admission to the ME major see the Engineering General Resources Office, 1150 Engineering Hall, 608/262-2473 or 608/262-3484.




You have been assigned a faculty advisor (see below), whom you are encouraged to see at any time during faculty office hours. However, any ME faculty member can advise you. The Department holds an Advising Day every fall to provide students with an opportunity to meet with a faculty advisor. You can also visit the Student Services Office, 2107Mechanical Engineering Building where academic advisors Sherrill Wagner, Barry Crook, Tyree Bolden and Jess Nytes can assist you. Print a current Degree Audit Reporting System report and bring it with you for advising purposes. Basic curriculum information is contained in the ME Curriculum Flow Chart. You are encouraged to see your advisors about course selection, pre-requisite questions, technical and non-technical electives and career mentoring.


Student Advisors Location Phone Email
A-Ba THELEN, Darryl 3039 ME 262-1902
Bb-Bo PFOTENHAUER, John 1329 ERB 263-4082
Bp-C SURESH, Krishnan 2059 ME 262-3594
D-E SANDERS, Scott T. 113 ERB 262-3540
F-Gi LORENZ, Robert D. 2025 ME 262-5343
Gj-Ha PLOEG, Heidi-Lynn 3043 ME 262-2690
Hb-Hz GHANDHI, Jaal B. 125 ERB 263-1684
I-Kk CHEADLE, Michael J. 3035 ME 263-1590
Kl-Lh OSSWALD, Tim 1059 ME 263-9538
Li-Ma SHEDD, Timothy A. 123 ERB 265-2930
Mb-Mz RUTLAND, Christopher 1018B ERB 262-5853
N-O ZINN, Michael 2242 ME 263-2893
P-Rt ROWLANDS, Robert 3348 EH 262-3205
Ru-Sc NELLIS, Gregory F. 1339 ERB 265-6626
Sci-St QIAN, Xiaoping 2051 ME 890-1925
Su-Vh BOWER, Glenn B. M1060A ERC 263-7252
Vi-Wh MANNER, Kim 1250 ME 262-4825
Wi-Z SAMUEL, Jay 1254 ME 262-0922



ME = Mechanical Engineering Building, 1513 University Avenue
ECB = 1550 Engineering Drive
ERB = Engineering Research Building, 1500 Engineering Drive
EH = Engineering Hall, 1415 Engineering Drive


General advising concerning curriculum, registration and courses for all students will be done by the Mechanical Engineering Faculty. Students are urged to contact any of the faculty listed if they are unable to see their assigned advisor in a reasonable length of time. (Effective Fall 1996.)




The registration period typically starts in November for the Spring semester and in April for the Summer and Fall semesters. Students admitted to the Department of Mechanical Engineering are eligible to web register for project courses (ME 291, ME 491 and ME 492 or independent study ME 299 and ME 699.)




You can add courses via the web (“My UW Madison” page) up to the end of the second week of the semester, and you can drop a course using the web up to the end of the ninth week. After these deadlines, you will need to get the proper authorization(s) using a course change form. Department approval may be obtained in the Student Services Office, 2107 Mechanical Engineering Building.




Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS) reports can be ordered through the "My UW Madison" page on the internet and are sent to your e-mail account. A new DARS report should be printed every semester before registration begins. Use the DARS report and curriculum flowchart as a basis for selecting classes for the coming semester.




For questions concerning the transfer of courses into the University of Wisconsin-Madison, contact Bonnie Schmidt, Engineering General Resources, 1150 Engineering Hall, 608/262-4822. If you have received an Evaluation of Transfer Credit form or are transferring unusual courses from other departments or schools, and have questions concerning mechanical engineering course equivalence, visit ME Student Services, 2107 Mechanical Engineering Building, 262-0665.




Each student is responsible for arranging a course list that will permit satisfactory progress towards degree requirments and a class schedule that:


  • avoids class and final exam scheduling conflicts and
  • avoids an excessively demanding final exam schedule and
  • verifies registration in chosen classes.




Not all elective courses are offered every semester. The planned schedule can be found using the ME Eagle's course planner system. However, it is important to check with the Student Services Office, 3182 Mechanical Engineering Building, or the Timetable to ensure that a specific elective course will be taught.




To enroll in ME 291, ME 299, ME 491, ME 492, or ME 699, you must:


  • Have a 2.5 GPA or a 3.00 for the two preceding semesters
  • Find a consenting adviser (visit the Mechanical Engineering Student Services, 3182 Mechanical Engineering Building, for helpful suggestions).
  • Draw up a tentative title and outline for the study.
  • Decide on the number of credits (1-3 crs.).
  • File an adviser signed Independent Study Request form with the Student Services Office, 3182 Mechanical Engineering Building, that will allow you to Web register. (This should be done before the end of the second week of classes.)




The ME Department's Undergraduate Honors in Research Program allows students to participate in the creation of new knowledge and experience the excitement of the research process. Students in the program write and submit a senior thesis. Admission requirements include:


  • At least two semesters completed on the Madison campus with a cumulative GPA of at least 3.5;
  • Majoring in Mechanical Engineering;
  • Approval of an appropriate professor who will serve as the thesis advisor.


The "Honors in Research" designation will be awarded to graduates who meet the following requirements:


  • Satisfaction of the requirements for an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering;  
  • A cumulative grade-point average of at least 3.3;
  • Completion of a total of at least 6 credits of ME 489.
  • Receive a final grade of at least "B" in ME 489.




This is an alternate way to be graded in your courses not counting toward your degree program or certificates. See the College of Engineering regulations at


You can change a course to pass fail via the web (My UW Madison page) up to the the end of the fourth week of the semester by submitting a course change request online at




A student may audit a course only if the instructor consents. Auditors are expected to attend with a reasonable regularity and to participate in the class, as determined by the instructor. Audited courses carry no degree credit and do not count in determining the minimum number of credits permitted in each term. The only valid grade for audited courses is a grade of S (Satisfactory) or NR (No report). A student may change to or from credit to audit only during the first four weeks of classes.




An incomplete may be reported for a student who has carried a subject with a passing grade, but because of illness or other unusual and substantiated cause beyond control has been unable to complete the final examination or some limited amount of term work. A student who stays away from a final examination without proof of being prevented from attending as indicated above will receive a grade of F, N, or U (whichever is appropriate). Even with such proof, if the term work has convinced the instructor that the student cannot pass, the grade shall be F, N, or U (whichever is appropriate).




At the instructor's option, a course marked incomplete may be completed at any time no later than the end of the student's next semester of resident attendance at UW-Madison, or it will lapse into a fail. An incomplete may not be removed after five years of absence from UW-Madison without special permission of the Dean. Such an incomplete remains on the record with a grade of PI and does not lapse into an F, N, or U.




A student is placed on academic probation when that student has, in the semester just completed,


  • attained less than a 2.0 GPA; or
  • passed less than 12 credits without part-time permission from the Dean.


Once on probation, the student is continued on probation until either removed from probation or dropped.




All of the following requirements must be satisfied for the removal of a student from academic probation.


  • A cumulative GPA of at least 2.0.
  • A GPA of at least 2.0 for the semester just completed;
  • At least 12 credits passed in the semester just completed;
  • A total of at least 24 degree credits passed in the two most recent semesters in residence.




  • A student on academic probation will be dropped at the end of any semester for which that student has attained a GPA of less then 2.0 or passed less than 12 credits for a student without part-time permission from the Dean or passed less than 3/4 of the credits attempted for a part-time student.
  • A student not on academic probation will be dropped at the end of any semester for which that student has passed less than half of the credits attempted.




A student who has been dropped for academic reasons may be readmitted by the Dean and their department advisor, only after the student has been out of the College of Engineering for one semester.



It is the student's responsibility to ensure that graduation requirements have been met. All students should regularly consult their Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS) document (“My UW Madison”) in conjunction with their advisor to ensure that all the following graduation requirements are being met:


  • have fulfilled the published graduation requirements of that curriculum, with all substitutions formally approved.
  • have a PCR (point-credit ratio) of at least 2.0 for those semesters and sessions containing the last 60 credits taken at UW-Madison or for all credits taken at Madison if less than 60.
  • have departmental PCR of at least 2.0 for all courses taken in the degree-granting department that count toward graduation.
  • have completed at least 30 credits in residence in the College of Engineering, including 15 credits of work in the degree-granting department.
  • have completed the last two semesters in residence in the College of Engineering as a full-time student.
  • have a GPA of at least 2.0 both for the last semester and also for the combined last two semesters.
  • have filed a personal record form with the College of Engineering Career Services Office.


Please see Graduation — Completion of Degree Requirements for further information.




For information and availability of cooperative education positions in industry, see the Co-op Office, Rm. M1002 ECB (608) 262-5691.




This slide show describes opportunities for graduate study in mechanical engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.




A large number of scholarships (50 to 80) are awarded by the Department of Mechanical Engineering each year. Eligibility: Any Mechanical Engineering Student is eligible to apply for ME Scholarships. Students who have not yet been accepted into the Mechanical Engineering Department and Transfer students are also eligible to apply, though your enrollment in Mechanical Engineering during Fall 2013 will be verified before any award is made. To apply, log in to MyUW; click on the Student Services tab at the top of the page; select Scholarships@UW-Madison; click Enter Scholarships@UW-Madison. The ME Scholarship Application opens on March 10, 2015 and closes on April 30, 2015.   




In addition to the campus Student Financial Services Office, the ME department can assist students with student loans from ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers). See the department chair, 3107 ME, if you have special financial needs.




Faculty often hire undergraduate students to work in their research labs with the pay coming from the Work Study program. Ask individual faculty about this opportunity.




Students are encouraged to join an engineering professional society. Student run chapters of professional societies for mechanical engineers include:



For additional information, see the bulletin boards in the Department of Mechanical Engineering Lobby or visit the Student Leadership Center.




Bulletin boards outside the Student Services Office, 2107 Mechanical Engineering Building and the ME Registrar's Office, ECB 3136, list curriculum changes, required texts, new courses, projected course offerings, etc. It is good policy to periodically review these bulletin boards.




The ME Student Services Office is located in 2107 Mechanical Engineering Building. Student Services staff can answer general questions about your ME undergraduate program, DARs information, schedule of classes, proposed course offerings etc.... In the event you are not able to register for a class, please enter your student information into the OWLS (Online Wait List System) system using your MyUW log in information here:




The catalogs are also available in the ME Student Services Office or on the web:





To help you identify reasons for poor academic performance, to help you develop better study habits, and to generally find ways to make your college education a more positive experience, you may want to contact the College of Engineering Counselor, David Lacocque, 333 East Campus Mall, Appointments: 608/265-5600. Office: 608/265-5480, Email: He will have counseling hours on Fridays, noon to 3:00 pm in Rm. M1080 ECB. Schedule an appointment ahead of time.




Pi Tau Sigma Honorary Student Society offers free tutoring in physics, chemistry, calculus and all mechanical engineering required courses. Tutoring is located on the 4th floor of the Kurt F. Wendt Library on a first-come, first-served basis. One-on-one sessions can be arranged between tutors and students as necessary. One-on-one sessions can also be arranged by filling out a Tutoring Request form which can be obtained outside of the Student Services Office, 2107 Mechanical Engineering Building, and dropped off in the Pi Tau Sigma mailbox located in the ME lobby. Typical tutoring hours are from 7:00 - 9:00 pm, Sunday - Thursday and 9:00 - 10:00 pm, by appointment only. For further information on Pi Tau Sigma, tutoring or other Pi Tau Sigma activities, please visit their website at





Information, Lost & Found for Mechanical Engineering Building, 3107 Mechanical Engineering Building.
Information, Lost & Found for Engineering Hall, Room 1150 Engineering Hall.
Information, Lost & Found for Engineering Centers Building, Room M1080 ECB.




The university has an extensive recycling program. There are receptacles for recyclable materials throughout the building. Currently, newspapers, office paper, and soda cans/bottles are collected. Please do not throw these materials in the regular trash.




Jaal B. Ghandhi
Grainger Professor of Sustainable Energy
3107C Mechanical Engineering Building
1513 University Avenue
Madison, WI 53706


Undergraduate Student Services

Sherrill Wagner

Barry Crook
Jess Nyte

Tyree Bolden

2107Mechanical Engineering Building
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