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Manchester, Jon B. - Associate Researcher

Manolache, Sorin O. - Assistant Scientist
Engineering Physics
Research Interest -- Plasma chemistry and plasma polymerization, including synthesis of nanoparticles -- Plasma-induced functionalization of organic and inorganic substrates, including biotech applications -- Chromatography, mass spectrometry and hyphenated techniques for diagnostic of complex systems...

Manolopoulos, Helen - Research Associate
Water Science and Engineering Laboratory

Manthey, Dennis P. - Academic Department Manager
Engineering Physics

Manthey, Steven A. - Computer Print Technician
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Marion, Ray - Instrumentation Specialist - WEMPEC
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Marion, Raymond H. - Instrumentation Specialist
Wisconsin Power Electronics Research Center

Marks, Linda M. - Financial Specialist 2
Center for NanoTechnology
General Accounting duties for Center for X-ray Lithography -- General Payroll duties for Center for X-ray Lithography

Marriott, Edward P. - Associate Researcher
Engineering Physics, Fusion Technology Institute

Marsland, Robert A. - Lecturer
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Marten, William M. - Programmer Analyst
Center for Health Systems Research and Analysis

Martin, Carl J. - Researcher
College of Engineering, Engineering Physics, Fusion Technology Institute

Mason, Roger B. - Instrumentation Specialist
College of Engineering

Masters, Gene P. - Information Officer
College of Engineering

McCarthy, Jon J. - Director of User Facilities
College of Engineering

McClung, Mark W. - Computer Support Specialist
Wendt Commons

McKee, George R. - Senior Scientist
Engineering Physics, Nuclear Engineering and Engineering Physics, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Plasma turbulence diagnostic development -- Fluctuation measurement acquisition with Beam Emission Spectroscopy at the DIII-D Tokamak -- Plasma turbulence studies in high temperature fusion-grade plasmas -- Data analysis technique development -- Assisting and advising graduate students and Post-doctoral...

McKinney, Karen A. - Research Specialist
Center for Health Systems Research and Analysis

McTavish, Fiona M. - Research Program Manager
Center for Health Systems Research and Analysis

Meiller, Renee - Director of Publications
Engineering External Relations
Plan, write and edit news stories for media release, alumni publications, college website, and college audiences. -- Shoot and edit videos that highlight college research, teaching or student activities. -- Connect reporters with college experts.

Melendez, William J. Melendez - Civil Engineer - Transportation
Civil and Environmental Engineering

Meyers, Robert A. - Instrumentation Specialist
Wisconsin Center for Space Automation and Robotics

Miller, Paul D. - IS System Dev. Srv. Senior
Engineering Professional Development

Mincberg, Robert D. - Senior Marketing Specialist
Engineering Professional Development

Molfenter, Todd - Assistant Scientist
Center for Health Enhancement Systems Studies, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Moore, Rebecca - Research Specialist
Water Science and Engineering Laboratory

Moran, Peter D. - Assistant Scientist

Mostek, Maria L. - Academic Advisor
College of Engineering

Moungey-Ellsworth, Marcia L. - Financial Specialist
Computer-Aided Engineering

Murphy, John G. - Assistant Faculty Associate
Engineering Physics
nuclear reactor safety and operations (NRC licensed senior reactor operator) -- computer code simulations of molten core/coolant interactions -- fission and fusion reactor safety analyses -- Engineering Professional Development 160 instructor -- member Academic Staff Appeals Committee

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