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Babiarz, Christopher - Assistant Scientist
Water Science and Engineering Laboratory

Bailey, Lauranne - Senior Editor
Camp Badger, Disaster Management Center, Engineering Professional Development, Master of Engineering in Engine Systems, Master of Engineering in Professional Practice, Master of Engineering in Technical Japanese, Transportation Information Center
Web developer for Engineering Professional Development online course management systems and Web sites. Additional sites include: Transportation Information Center, Disaster Management Center, Master of Engineering in Professional Practice, Master of Engineering in Engine Systems and Master of Engineering...

Balas Levenson, Christi - Academic Department Supervisor
Chemical and Biological Engineering

Ballard, Jeff - UNIX Systems Manager
Computer-Aided Engineering

Bansel, Jasjit S. - Instrumentation Specialist
Center for NanoTechnology

Barrett, Colleen S. - Marketing Specialist
Engineering Professional Development

Bastyr Cooper, Jacqueline - Senior Instrumentation Technician
Civil and Environmental Engineering

Bayliss, R. Adam - Research Associate
Center for Plasma Theory and Computation

Becker, Catherine A. - Senior Artist
Engineering Professional Development

Becker, James P. - Senior Artist
Engineering Professional Development

Beckwith, Cathy - Payroll and Benefits Specialist
All PAYROLL Functions Payroll duties for Civil and Environmental Engineering -- General Payroll duties for Structures Lab

Benell, Deborah Ann - University Services Program Associate B
Engineering Professional Development

Berhe, Haile W. - Senior Systems Programmer
Center for Health Systems Research and Analysis

Bernhardt, Gabriel J. - Instrumentation Specialist
Liquid Helium/Nitrogen Facility

Berry, Kelly L. - Artist
Center for Health Systems Research and Analysis

Beutel, Patricia B. - Assistant Researcher
Center for Health Systems Research and Analysis

Biebl, Phil J. - Senior Artist
Engineering External Relations

Bigelow, Wayne Edward - Researcher
Center for Health Systems Research and Analysis

Bill, Andrea - Associate Researcher
Civil and Environmental Engineering

Binder, Stacey K. - Associate Information Processing Consultant
Engineering Professional Development

Binzley, Jennifer M. - Student Services Coordinator, Instructional Specialist
Engineering General Resources for Student Support and Advising

Bittner, Jason J. - Deputy Director
Civil and Environmental Engineering, Midwest Regional University Transportation Center, Wisconsin Transportation Center
Oversee Center Budget, Contracts, and Operations -- Research in Transportation Asset Management and Freight -- Liaison to National Organizations

Blackbourn, Lois M. - Program Assistant
Center for NanoTechnology
Initial point of contact regarding information and contacts at the Center for NanoTechnology (CNTech). -- Administrative Manager for CNTech. Provides primary administrative support by assisting with preparation and monitoring of: proposals, budgets, grants, reports, purchasing, travel, scheduling...

Blanchard, Michelle M. - Reactor Supervisor/ Senior Reactor Operator
Engineering Physics

Bleier, Katie L. P. - Student Services Coordinator
Engineering General ResourcesCollege of Engineering

Bluschke, Craig H. - Instrumentation Technician
Engineering Media Services

Boberg, Eric W. - Associate Researcher
Center for Health Systems Research and Analysis

Bohm, Tim D. - Associate Scientist
Engineering Physics, Fusion Technology Institute

BonDurant, Tina - University Services Associate 2
Industrial and Systems Engineering

Bongard, Michael W. - Research Associate

Bonomo, Richard L. - Associate Researcher
Engineering Physics, Fusion Technology Institute

Boyce, Melissa A. - Accountant
Mechanical Engineering

Brachman, Connie B. - Special Assistant to the Dean
College of Engineering

Bradley, David E. - Assistant Researcher
Solar Energy Laboratory

Brauer, Deborah - Consultant Management/COE Faculty Support
Computer-Aided Engineering

Braun, Ralph J. - Instrumentation Specialist
Engine Research Center

Brooks, Paul W. - Senior Instrumentation Specialist
Engineering Physics

Bruggink, Dennis C. - Research Program Manager III
Engineering Physics, Fusion Technology Institute

Burrow, Lori - Academic Department Manager
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Faculty recruitment, publications, faculty tenure documents, coordinate Visitor's Day

Burton, Kelly R. - Senior Student Services Coordinator
Graduate Engineering Research Scholars, Opportunities in Engineering Conference, Summer Undergraduate Research Experience

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