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Wagner, Eldon C. - Professor Emeritus
surveying, specializing in land surveying

Waleffe, Fabian - Professor
Engineering Physics, Mathematics
fluid dynamics -- bifurcations and turbulence -- scientific computing
Center for Mathematical Sciences, Engineering Mechanics

Walz, Ken A. - Adjunct Professor
Civil and Environmental Engineering

Wang, Chu-Kia - Professor Emeritus
Civil and Environmental Engineering
structural engineering -- structural analysis and design -- computerized matrix method of analysis

Wang, Herbert F. - Professor
Geology and Geophysics
poroelastic behavior of fracture rock -- numerical modeling of fluid flow, thermal history, and chemical diffusion related to geologic processes
Geological Engineering Program

Wang, Xudong - Assistant Professor
Materials Science and Engineering
Nanomaterials growth and characterization -- Piezoelectric nanostructures and nanodevices for energy harvesting -- Nanodevices for sensors, optoelectronics, and biomedical devices
Materials Science Program

Webb, Maurice B. - Professor Emeritus
surface physics -- low-energy electron diffraction -- scanning tunneling microscopy
Materials Science Program

Webster, John G. - Professor Emer.
Biomedical Engineering
medical instrumentation -- radio-frequency and microwave hepatic ablation -- safety of less-lethal electromuscular incapacitation device (EMD): stun guns and Tasers -- biopotential amplifiers and interference -- bioelectrodes
Biomedical Engineering Center for Translational Research

Weibel, Douglas B. - Assistant Professor
Biochemistry, Biomedical Engineering
Soft materials -- Micro- and nanofabrication -- Microbiology -- Chemical biology -- Biotechnology
Biophysics Program, Biotechnology Training Program, Cellular and Molecular Biology Program, Chemistry-Biology Interface Training Program, Materials Science Program, Molecular Biosciences Training Grant Program

Weiland, Richard - Adjunct Professor
Civil and Environmental Engineering

Wendt, Amy E. - Professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering
plasma processing of materials -- thin-film deposition -- plasma etching -- plasma source design -- modeling and diagnostics -- plasma-aided manufacturing -- plasma generation -- plasma-surface interaction
Center for Plasma-Aided Manufacturing, Materials Science Program

White, John G. - Professor Emeritus
Anatomy, Biomedical Engineering
Also Principal Investigator, Laboratory for Optical and Computational Instrumentation (LOCI) -- Optical and computational instrumentation for live cell studies -- Development of new optical sectioning microscopy techniques -- Cell cycle control and cytoskeletal dynamics
Biomedical Engineering Center for Translational Research

Wieben, Oliver - Assistant Professor
Biomedical Engineering, Medical Physics, Radiology, School of Medicine and Public Health

Wiegmann, Douglas A. - Associate Professor
Industrial and Systems Engineering
Cognitive Systems Engineering -- System Safety -- Accident Investigation -- Human Error Analysis -- Aviation -- Healthcare

Willett, Rebecca - Associate Professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Williams, Justin - Associate Professor
Biomedical Engineering
Neural Engineering -- Functional Neurosurgery -- BioMEMS -- Neural Rehabilitation -- Neural Prostheses -- Applied Neuroscience
Biomedical Engineering Center for Translational Research, Materials Science Program

Wilson, Paul P.H. - Professor
College of Engineering, Engineering Physics, Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies
Nuclear fuel cycles -- Transmutation/depletion/activation -- Proliferation analysis -- Energy policy -- Monte Carlo methods -- Reactor core design & analysis
Certificate in Energy Analysis and Policy, Fusion Technology Institute, Nuclear Engineering and Engineering Physics, UW Energy Institute, University of Wisconsin Nuclear Reactor, Wisconsin Institute of Nuclear Systems

Winokur, Michael J - Professor
structure of linear and branched macromolecular hosts -- phase transitions -- conducting polymers
Materials Science Program

Witt, Robert J. - Associate Professor
Engineering Physics
computational methods in fluid and solid mechanics
Engineering Mechanics, Nuclear Engineering and Engineering Physics

Wolf, Paul R. - Professor Emeritus
analytical photogrammetry -- instrumental photogrammetry -- terrestrial photogrammetry -- digital photogrammetry

Wong, Amy C. L. - Professor
Food Microbiology and Toxicology, Food Science
Identification, characterization and detection of enterotoxins of Bacillus cereus and Staphylococcus aureau. -- Biofilm formation and control.
Materials Science Program

Wood, David A. - Professor
Computer Sciences, Electrical and Computer Engineering
computer architecture -- performance evaluation -- VLSI systems design -- parallel processing -- computer memory system design

Wright, Stephen J. - Professor
Computer Sciences, Industrial and Systems Engineering
Optimization and its Applications in all areas of Science and Engineering.

Wu, Chin H. - Professor
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Air-sea interactions and surface wave dynamics -- Coastal-riverine processes and sediment transport -- Environmental fluid mechanics and limnology -- Environmental monitoring and aerial photogrammetry -- Experimental and computational fluid dynamics -- Groundwater and surface water interactions
Environmental Fluid Mechanics, Geological Engineering Program, Limnology and Marine Science, Water Resources Engineering Program

Wuerger, William W. - Professor Emeritus
plastics technology -- engineering economics -- life cycle costing -- value engineering

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